Ciate Astrolights Jewelled Eyeshadow Palette & Glitter Storm Lipstick

Saturday 20 April 2019

My birthday seems ages ago, when in reality it was only last month, but I received a couple of bits from Ciate from my Dad for my birthday. (I clearly chose them, and ordered them, but still haha!). I have often wanted to try a lot of Ciate products, but with them not being available in a store near me, and some of them being not the cheapest, it isn't a brand I have ventured very far into. However I loved the look of the Astrolights Jewelled Eyeshadow Palette and the Glitter Storm Lipsticks so I decided it was about time my Dad treated me to them.
The palette itself isn't the largest in the world, but I quite like that because it fits neater in my makeup drawer and whoever uses a full palette anyway? It has a pretty iridescent lid, which then opens up to reveal a mirror on the inside and then the nine eye shadow shades inside. The colours inside this palette are stunning, featuring a special effect duo-chrome shade, hyper-real metallics and ultra-smooth mattes. The formula is buttery soft and super pigmented and they have a powder-gel formulation which stops them from feeling powdery on the eyes. Some of the shadows feature little stars and a bow embossed into them, and I love it when a brand goes into detail with their products as it shows they have taken their time to create something magical. Due to the different finishes and shades within the Astrolights Jewelled palette, you can create a wide range of eye makeup looks, some perfect for Spring and Summer, and then some warmer tones which will be great for Autumn and Winter. This palette is going to take me right through the year, which makes the £29.00 price tag pretty reasonable.
As a glittery magpie lover, when I spotted the Ciate Glitter Storm Lipsticks (£19.00) I knew I needed one. There are six shades available of which I have the shade Spark, a rose gold, and they come in a gorgeous glittery case. When I took the lid off I couldn't believe how stunning the lipstick looked, it appears like a glittery cloth and is certainly unlike anything I have ever come across and it is truly mesmerising just to look at. The lipstick itself combines star-like pigments with a full colour base to give a 3D shade and shimmer which is coated in glittering pigments. This is not for the faint-hearted, but neither is it unwearable. Spark is such a wearable colour, and it is so pretty on the lips, giving you a gorgeous rose gold glitter finish, which can be worn solo or layered up for more dimension. Even though it is 100% a glittery lipstick, it doesn't look like you have just stuck glitter to your lips and is super moisturising and comfortable to wear as you cannot feel even a speck of glitter when wearing it. I definitely want to explore some of the other shades.
There are so many gorgeous, gorgeous products on Ciate's website along with these two beauties, which you can find online at Ciate here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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