Saturday, 20 April 2019

John Frieda Miracle Drops Hair Masks

I do a lot of my hair and beauty shopping online as I live in a small town and so we don't really have any large stores such as Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug etc and so I find it much easier to go online and click the 'What's New' tab and I am then able to see everything that's new in. 
I recently picked up the new John Frieda Miracle Drops Hair Masks, which at the time were on offer from £2.49 to £1.66, which I thought was a great price to try a hair mask from such a established brand, and these sachets always come in handy. There are three available, the Damage Repairing with Vitamin E Oil, the Blonde Brightening with Grapeseed Oil and the Frizz Smoothing with Avocado Oil, and to be honest all three were great for me, as I do get damaged ends, I do get frizzy hair and I have recently gone from brunette to blonde, so the brightening mask helps to cool down any warm tones.
Each sachet has 25ml of hair mask in them, which I found was more than sufficient for me longer-length hair, so I would say you definitely don't need to be using anymore than one mask at a time. I would recommend using one per week, I don't think you need to use them any more frequently, as they do a really good job of nourishing the hair. They recommend leaving them on for five minutes, so you can do this in the bath or in the shower in a morning, but I always say that if you can, leave hair masks on for longer as they can further work their magic.
My favourite one of the three is definitely the Blonde Brightening, as my hair tone wasn't as cool-toned as I would have liked, because it can take a few sessions of highlights to get a perfect blonde after being brunette, and using this mask really helped to brighten up my blonde.
You can find the John Frieda Miracle Drops in-store and online at Boots.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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