Testing Out Unicorn Cosmetics

Thursday 18 April 2019

I recently received the most glorious box of goodies from Unicorn Cosmetics, which is a brand I had seen a lot of on Instagram, and their products are just stunning. I had also been recommended their false lashes by a friend and so I was excited to try those out too. The brand has released so many beautiful makeup brushes, which are what they are originally best-known for, but they have quickly grown their brand to create other beauty tools, makeup and lashes.
I am going to start with the most mer-mazing item, the Mermaid Brushes. These brushes are fully vegan and are definitely a little, or a lot, extra. There are four brushes in the set, which are available to purchase individually. So, we have Bubbles, a large fan brush which has a pink theme to it, Delphie, an angled blusher and bronzer brush (gotta love a multi-use tool!), which has a purple theme to it, Korali, a large powder brush, which has a coral and mint green theme, and LiLu, a tapered foundation and contour brush which is orange and aqua. 
Each brush comes packaged beautifully, in a plastic wallet which includes a press-stud which is great for travelling with. Each wallet also has a lovely little mermaid tail charm included on to it, and I think extra touches like that really show how much love and thought a brand has put into their products. The handles of the four brushes are flexible and are so well-designed, with shimmer, the bright colours, and the individual mermaid tails. They are comfortable to hold as well as being lightweight and the bristles are some of the softest I have ever felt. There is no tugging or pulling on the skin, and they pick both cream and powder products up beautifully.
The Clam Set also includes a gorgeous clam-shaped brush holder, which not only displays the brushes beautifully, but also makes it easy to see and grab the brushes you need. It is made from a strong plastic and I love the realistic shell pattern on the front of it. This set retails for £64.99, however it is currently on sale for £32.50, which is incredible value for four high quality brushes and a display stand.
To keep your brushes clean and in tip top condition, Unicorn Cosmetics also have their Dirty B*tch Brush Cleaner. The Brush Cleaner comes in super cool packaging and the cleaner itself is in the shape of a love heart, and is made from silicone. The heart has a pocket for you to pop your fingers into so that you can hold it easily whilst you clean the brushes. There are different nodules on the heart which allows you to ensure that you are removing all the makeup from your brushes, to leave them looking super clean. The Dirty B*tch Brush Cleaner normally retails at £4.99, but is currently on offer for £1.99 which is a complete bargain.
When it comes to beauty sponges, I have always been very loyal to Beauty Blenders, but my current one has had its day and so I was excited to try the Unicorn Cosmetics Beauty Egg (£4.99). I was a bit wary as some beauty sponges can be very hard and solid and it feels like you are dabbing a brick on your face, but this one is so soft, and has a much nicer feel to it than any other beauty sponge I have tried other than Beauty Blender. The Beauty Egg is in a pretty mint green shade and has both a flat and a pointed edge so that you can reach both smaller and larger areas of the face, and is a lot more affordable than a Beauty Blender.
When it comes to false lashes, Unicorn Cosmetics have you covered. There are so many different styles and materials available and when you click onto a pair of the lashes on their website, there is a diagram which shows you which eye shape the lashes are suitable for, which I think is such a helpful tool to have when shopping online for lashes. Unicorn Cosmetics kindly sent me their 3D Faux Silk Lashes in the style Forget Me Not (£8.99), which can be reused over ten times. The Forget Me Not style are lengthening lashes and are made up of varying lengths and intensities to give a delicate fanned finish. These lashes are made with synthetic silk and feel so soft and lightweight when you are wearing them. They have a medium-sized black band which helps to define the eyes and give you a lovely, full lash line. Of course, the packaging is also stunning, complete with cut-out unicorn horn and holographic touches.
The Unicorn Cosmetics makeup collection consists mainly of alllllll the glitter and some amazing iridescent lip products. They very kindly sent me on of the Unicorn Cosmetics Glitterskins, which are available in nearly 20 different colours and finishes. Glitterskin is a vegan glitter paste which comes in a lovely little faceted pot. You can go as delicate or as crazy as you like with the Glitterskin, and due to it being a paste you don't need to apply glitter glue before popping it on the skin. Each pot costs £9.99 and you get a good amount of product in there, which can be used on the eyelids, the rest of the face, or even on the body. I wear contact lenses and I had no reaction from using this around my eyes, and so I would say not to worry if you are also a contact lens wearer. The shade I was kindly sent is Creepin', which is a gorgeous rich warm gold shade, which looks lovely with my blue eyes.
You can find these products and so many more beauties online at Unicorn Cosmetics here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains items which were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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