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Tuesday 28 May 2019

Not many people talk about Back to MAC anymore, which is a shame as it is a great service. When you have six empty lipstick containers or eye shadow pots, you simply take them back to a MAC store or concession and you can claim a free lipstick. I had lots of MAC single eye shadows and so I bought some of the MAC empty palettes and put the pans from the pots into those. Therefore I ended up with lots of empty pots.
I took them to my nearest MAC concession, which is at Debenhams in Meadowhall, Sheffield and I managed to be able to choose four new lipsticks. The only thing is that you aren't allowed the cardboard packaging which they come in, so you couldn't gift or re-sell the lipstick. There are so many MAC lipsticks, and I definitely have quite the collection at home, but I managed to pick four lipsticks which I don't already own.
The four shades I chose are Fabby, Shrimpton, Lovelorn and Speed Dial. Fabby has the Frost finish to it and it is a Mauve shade with a pink pearl finish. Shrimpton is from the Satin range and is a great everyday nude shade, and I think this is actually my joint favourite nude with Blankety. Lovelorn has a Lustre finish and is an emotive blue-toned pink, which makes for a great everyday shade. Finally, Speed Dial has a Cremesheen finish and is a light blue-toned pink, which I think works really well for Spring and Summer. When a shade is blue-toned, it means that it isn't going to make your teeth have a yellow tone to them, as the blue tone helps to whiten the appearance rather then darken it.
I am really pleased with the colours I chose, as I think they all make great Spring and Summer shades. Each MAC lipstick costs £17.50, so I got £70.00 of MAC makeup for free, simply by taking my empty pots into store! You can find MAC online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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