Codage Anti-Shine & Imperfections Serum No.2 Review

Saturday 11 May 2019

I have been lucky enough to try out some different brands recently, and one of them has been skincare brand Codage, of which I have been trying the Codage Anti-Shine & Imperfections Serum No.2. Codage was created by brother and sister Amandine and Julien Azencott who have a family heritage of cosmetology and French pharmacy. Codage is inspired by French pharmacy skincare where treatments are more personalised are targeted at specific concerns. They have eleven serums in their skincare range, each one targets a season or a specific skin concern such as dehydrated skin, redness or spots.
The Serum No.2 which I have been trying out is perfect for combination skin, which is what I have. My T-Zone still gets oily, but my cheeks and the rest of my face can get very dry. This serum works at maintaining balance between oily and combination skin or acne-prone skin. It arrives in a lovely yet simple glass bottle, complete with glass dropper applicator and has a French pharmaceutical feel to it. I have been using the serum on a daily basis, more often than not on an evening after I have cleansed and toned and before I have moisturised. Although on days when I have used it in a morning I have found that it controls my oiliness throughout the day more than if I only use it at night. 

The serum doesn't have a greasy or oily feel to it, and once applied to the skin I found that it sunk into my skin almost straightaway, leaving a nice smooth satin finish to my skin. If like me you have oily skin, then I would definitely recommend this as it helps to prep the skin before makeup application and I found that my foundation often went on a lot smoother and I didn't have as much oil coming through my skin during the day.
Something I also suffer from is redness on my cheek area, yet I have found since using this serum that the redness has started to calm down a little. I don't suffer from spots and so I cannot review this product as an acne treatment unfortunately. The Serum has a slight fragrance to it, but it isn't anything unpleasant and you can barely notice it so don' worry if you don't like strong-smelling skincare.

The Codage Serum No.2 isn't the cheapest serum on the market at £64.00, however you get 30ml of product and a little goes a long way, so even though it is an investment, you are going to get plenty of usage from it. You can find Codage skincare online at Skincity here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains an item which was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own


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