Jeffree Star Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette Review

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Apart from when it comes to football, blue is my colour. I have blue eyes, the majority of my wardrobe and trainers are blue and my favourite colour is baby blue. So, when I first saw Jeffree Star was bringing out a blue-themed eye shadow palette, you can bet your bottom dollar I had my alarm set on my phone so that I wouldn't miss it before it sold out, as we all knew that was going to happen.
I am going to get my one, tiny negative out of the way first, which is the outer packaging the palette arrives in. It really is quite flimsy and with such a beauty of a palette inside, I personally didn't think it strong and stable enough. But, as I mentioned that is super minor and has no impact on the product itself as a critique.
The Blue Blood Palette is a thing of beauty, and comes in baby blue, with a metallic blue metal clasp on the front of it. Once you undo that clasp, you open what feels like a jewellery box, which comes complete with a mirror. The palette itself is very well-made, high quality and sturdy, which you would of course expect from Jeffree Star.
There are eighteen shades in this palette, and the pan size is great, with plenty of product in each. The palette incorporates of course blues, but also peaches, creams, greys, greens and nudes in a variety of finishes, including matte, shimmer and glitter. I always remember the first Jeffree Star eye shadow palette I tried out, which was the Thirsty palette as I can remember just being so amazed with the quality and pigmentation of the shadows, and certainly doesn't change with Blue Blood.

Some of the shadows have the traditional Jeffree Star Cosmetics logo imprinted into them, others have lips, a coffin, a diamond, a crown, a money bag and a lightning cloud. You know Jeffree is going to be the one that goes that little bit extra and I love it. So much time, thought and effort always goes into his products. The shades included within Blue Blood are;
Cullinan - Metallic icy white
Mintea - Matte mint
Crystal Flesh - Metallic champagne
I'm Cold - Matte powder blue
Untouchable - Matte peachy pink
Priceless - Matte peachy nude
Power - Matte slate grey with a blue undertone
Blue Blood - Matte sky blue
Deceased - Metallic azure blue
Ice Tray - Metallic light denim blue
Blue Monday - Matte cobalt blue
Flourishing - Matte bright teal
Wealthy - Matte light nude
Celebrity Skin - Matte light brown
Entitled - Metallic teal with glitter
Ocean Ice - Metallic sapphire with glitter
Cremated - Matte cool green with grey undertones
Undertaker - Matte navy blue
I love that there are transition shades as well as the bolder colours, so that you can create a complete look with this palette, rather than having to grab nude shades from other palettes before going in with the more colourful shadows. I think my favourite shades from this palette have to be Cullinan which makes a great highlighter shade in the corner of the eyes, Mintea, beacuse I adore mint green, Ocean Ice because it is simply stunning and so glittery, Blue Monday because it is gorgeous and is so different, and Crystal Flesh as the champagne shade is just so pretty, and again you could use this as a highlighter shade.
This is definitely a one-of-a-kind palette, and I certainly haven't come across anything with this level of quality and pigmentation before, but then it is from Jeffree Star, and you always know he is going to boss a new release.

You can find the Jeffree Star Blue Blood palette online at Jeffree Star here, or in the UK online at Beauty Bay here, where it costs £48.00.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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