MUA Makeup Academy Pro/Base Collection Review

Saturday 15 June 2019

Whilst taking a browse around Superdrug recently, I noticed the MUA Makeup Academy stand had some new products on there along with 25% off, so I picked up four of the Pro/Base products to give them a whirl...
Starting with the MUA Pro/Base Soothe & Cool Primer Stick (£5.00), and if you are going away on holiday this year, I would highly recommend this product, even if it is just for cooling your body down rather than using as a face primer as it is so, so cooling! You get a good amount of product, and as soon as it hits your skin it instantly cools it down. If you suffer from redness or puffiness, then this is going to be an excellent primer for you to soothe and cool that right down. I don't know if you can use this on your eyelids and under your eyes as it doesn't say, but if you could, I would buy ten of them!
We then have the MUA Pro/Base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation (£5.00), which I have in the shade 102. I am not sure how many shades there are in the collection as it doesn't say online, but I do remember there being quite a good selection in store. The foundation comes in a glass bottle, with a twist-off lid that holds a spatula, and I must admit this kind of applicator isn't my favourite, as it can get a little messy and the neck of the bottle can get a bit clogged up and crusty. However, performance-wise, this is top notch and I really was impressed with it. It gives great coverage, without looking or feeling heavy or cakey and stays matte throughout the day, however I would advise you to use a primer with this foundation just so that it doesn't split throughout the day and to keep it in place.
The MUA Pro/Base Full Coverage Concealer (£2.50) is also available in shades to match the foundations and as I have fair skin, it is better for me to go for a concealer that matches my foundation rather than go in a lot lighter, so I opted for shade 102 again. This has a plastic tube with a twist-off lid and a sponge doe-foot slanted applicator so that you can apply it straight onto the skin. It offers a full-coverage look and I would definitely agree with that and I did find that it dried down pretty quickly, so ensure you work fairly speedily with it. The colour was perfect for my light skin tone and they did have even lighter shades in the concealer and foundation, which is great for this price point.
 To fix your makeup in place, MUA have the Pro/Base Cooling Spray (£4.00), which smells rather minty and fresh when you give it a spritz. I did find this slightly cooling, but nothing like the Soothe & Cool Primer Stick, however it would still be nice to carry in your beach bag. The Cooling Spray can either be used on its own without makeup or after applying makeup, and you can of course re-spritz if you need a little freshen up throughout the day. The mist does spray out quite thickly compared to other finer mists I have used, but it doesn't leave any stickiness so that is advantage.
You can find the MUA Pro/Base collection in-store and online at Superdrug here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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