Primark New Mascara Wardrobe Review

Saturday 20 July 2019

Primark Beauty recently gave their mascaras a re-haul and have released some brand new formulas and packaging and so I of course had to try them out! There may be more, but in my local store I could find just these five, but I know that stores do vary so much, so it is always worth checking yours out. I just want to point out that my own natural lashes are fine, short and fair and so not all mascaras work that well on me, and it is important to remember that when it comes to makeup and skincare, what works on one person might not work on another and vice versa.
First up, we have the PS Wonder Lash Mascara (£3.00), which is said to give the lashes length, definition and lift. The mascara comes in chrome silver cardboard packaging and the tube is also chrome silver. The brush on this wand is a more rubber/plastic type of wand rather than the traditional bristle style brush and this has lots of short and tiny spikes. I found that this definitely added length, definition and even lift on my natural lashes although not really any volume which I do tend to need to for my lashes, but definitely a good all-rounder mascara.
We then have the PS Fake It Mascara (£2.50) of which the packaging reminds me slightly of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara due to the frosted pink tube. This mascara is said to give a false lash effect and is an extreme volume mascara. The wand however is nothing like the Too Faced mascara, and is an hourglass shape with natural bristles. For me personally, this did absolutely nothing for my lashes, apart from add a bit of colour on to them although the formula did feel lovely and smooth, and I didn't get any clumping or flaking off.
PS Aqua Lash Mascara (£2.50) comes in a cool light blue tube with the look of raindrops on the lid. This is only marketed as a waterproof mascara with vitamin E, and doesn't mention any other qualities. The wand on this one is quite full of bristles, but the more plastic-type like with the Wonder Lash, and I love the fact that the wand is flexible, as then you are not tugging and pulling at your lashes. I found this to be quite defining and slightly lengthening and as it is a waterproof mascara, for £2.50, it is such a great mascara to take on holiday with you.
The PS HD Fanatic Mascara (£2.50) is said to give you ultra defined lashes and is an extreme black mascara. It comes in a similar tube to Aqua Lash, this time in a chrome red and without the raindrops. The bristles on this wand are again plastic and they are pretty spiky, which my lash line didn't seem to appreciate. However, I loved how long this mascara made both my top and bottom lashes and this gives more of a false look effect than the majority of the others. Would definitely recommend this.
Finally, we have the PS False Lash Queen Mascara (£3.00 - we seem to have to pay 50p for the joy of a cardboard box), which again both the tube and the cardboard packaging is very reminiscent of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This is down for adding dramatic volume, fullness and length. To me, the wand itself looks like any other regular mascara, with brush-style bristles. This isn't my favourite mascara and I wouldn't replace one of my holy grails with it, but it does add volume and length to the lashes, and I was personally impressed with the volume which my lashes always need.
You can find Primark online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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