Tom Ford Emotionproof Mascara Review - Worth The Money?

Monday 15 July 2019

Whilst watching one of my favourite You Tuber's Tati Westbrook's eyelashes magically transform right in front of me, after using the Tom Ford Emotionproof Mascara, I knew I had to try it! My lashes are very below par, with them being fair, fine, straight and short and so anything that can make them look much better is a must-have for me.
When I looked online the Tom Ford Emotionproof Mascara wasn't available in the UK, and so I ordered it from America, and forwarded it to my US shipping company. Yes, I really was that desperate to try it. Over here, it is now available and costs £38.00, which even in my book is pretty darn expensive for a mascara and so I was hoping for some great results.
The Tom Ford Emotionproof Mascara forms part of a whole new Emotionproof collection, and as much as I would love to try other things from the range, I couldn't afford to and so this was the one thing I chose. Tom Ford describe it as a lengthening, long-wearing, waterproof mascara which creates intense lashes in a creamy, waterproof formula that lasts throughout the day. It is said to contain a combination of deepest black carbon and lash-filling powders that work to transform the lashes.
As with the majority of the Tom Ford makeup collection, the packaging is quite plain and simple, yet also classy at the same time, with a deep, dark brown and gold accents. The brush itself is quite long, with traditional brush-like bristles and it is hard to see at first why this mascara is any different to much cheaper alternatives.
After applying one coat, this mascara definitely lengthens the lashes, without causing any build-up on the lashes, but due to the applicator itself being so large, it can be quite difficult to use without getting it on the eyelids. I went in with a second coat which then added more volume to my lashes and I was happy with the result for sure. However, this doesn't give a false lash effect, which of course it doesn't mention that, but considering the price and the promises, I would have expected that. It kind of gives a my lashes but better effect and for £38.00, I would want a little more and I don't think I would repurchase it as I think I can get something very similar for a small fraction of the price. That being said, I loved the effect it had on my lower lashes which really opened up my eyes and I think if you have naturally lovely lashes, this would definitely be a great option for you.

As mentioned, the Tom Ford Emotionproof Mascara costs £38.00 and you can find it online at Tom Ford here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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  1. Recommend Jane Iredale Lash Extender and Conditioner, about £15, to give a base for any mascara to perform much better.