Smashbox + The Hoodwitch Crystallized Highlighter Review + Swatch

Tuesday 16 July 2019

I am such a sucker for limited editions, and funky packaging and so when I saw the new Smashbox + The Hoodwitch Crystallized Highlighter, I knew it had to be mine. The fact that I probably had a highlighter in the exact same shade was certainly not stopping me.
The Smashbox + The Hoodwitch collection has some gorgeous products but I could only afford one item and so I opted for the Crystallized Highlighter in the shade Opti-Mystic. I love the iridescent huge faux crystals on the top of the packaging and this is definitely one of those dressing-table show-off products.
I never lie here on my blog, and I aren't about to start now, so in all honesty I had no idea who The Hoodwitch was, it turns out it is a crystal expert called Bri Luna, which Smashbox have collaborated with to celebrate beauty rituals inspired bu the transformative quality of crystals, which I actually think is really cool.
The Crystallized (yes it is bugging me that it is an American spelling and as I write this post it keeps being highlighted as being incorrect) Highlighter is a gel-powder highlighter that has been infused with crystals to give an iridescent shade that is inspired by spirit quartz - boujie as hell. It definitely is a beautiful highlighter, and does remind me of pink quartz with its soft pink shimmer and this highlighter definitely packs a punch, so I even use it as an eye shadow sometimes.
Is £30.00 too much for a single highlighter? Yes, it can be, but I think this is more of a work of art and we all know in the beauty world that is sometimes what you are paying extra for. You can find it online at Smashbox here.

All the Loves
Kathryn xxx


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