Trying Out: That'so Sun Makeup

Tuesday 16 July 2019

I adore testing out new self-tanning brands and products, as I am naturally pretty fair-skinned and so I really have to limit my time in the sun. I have recently been trying out some products from a brand called That'so Sun Makeup, who create a range of sun makeup and who are an Italian beauty brand. 
The first product I tried out was the That'so Sun Makeup On-The-Go Dark Hemp Instant Spray Tanning Makeup (£26.00). I must admit, when I saw the word 'Dark' I did worry slightly as I am fair-skinned as mentioned, but this worked really well with my skin-tone, adapting to give me a glowy, bronzed look without turning me orange. The That'so Sun Makeup On-The-Go Dark Hemp Instant Spray Tanning Makeup features trend ingredient hemp water from Cannabis sativa seed extract plus instant colour from semi-transparent natural food colouring with no transfer technology. Cannabis sativa seed extract is rich in the antioxidant Omegas 3 and 6 to protect the skin from free radical damage and 6% DHA from sugar cane gives the skin an authentic-looking tan that will last around four days. Whilst on the subject of ingredients, this Spray also contains Matrixyl, which is known for helping with skin tone and elasticity and there is no nasty scent to this either, it has a fresh, woody fragrance which I actually really loved as that kind of scent is right up my street. The canister is like a deodorant or hairspray spray, and so it is super easy to apply all over the skin, and That'so even recommend using a hairdryer to dry it into the skin if you are in a rush. I do sometimes have quite sensitive skin, but this didn't irritate me whatsoever like some false tans can, and I was very pleased with the result it gave me.
If you are going away for the weekend or you need to be tan for an event, then I would recommend popping the travel sized version of the That'so Sun Makeup On-The-Go Spray Tanning Makeup (£14.00 for 25ml). This canister is the perfect size for touch-ups or travelling with when you are wanting a gorgeous glow. This is available in a larger size of 125ml, priced at £29.95 too. The That'so Sun Makeup On-The-Go Spray Tanning Makeup gives the skin instant colour from semi-transparent natural food colouring and just like the Hemp Instant Spray, also contains 6% DHA from sugar cane to give you an authentic looking colour in minutes. If you have quite dry skin, then you will be pleased to know that this also contains Aloe barbadensis extract which is great for cooling, soothing and refreshing the skin. Fragrance wise, you will find that this Tanning Makeup has an almond, cherry and vanilla scent so is more of a sweeter scent compared to the hemp version. I found this so easy to use, that even if you have never fake-tanned in your life, you will have no problem with this as the mist goes on so finely and evenly, and due to that natural colouring, you can see exactly where you have already been.
You can find That'so Sun Makeup online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains items that have been gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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