CLEAN Reserve Avant Garden Collection: Galbanum & Rain Eau De Parfum Review

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Luxury perfumer CLEAN Reserve have recently released an enchanting new fragrance collection, the CLEAN Reserve Avant Garden Collection, which is available exclusively at Space NK. CLEAN Reserve are renowned for their simple and eco-conscious fragrances, often pushing boundaries of olfactive creations and green chemistry. 
The CLEAN Reserve Avant Garden Collection is a more complex version of the brand's hero scents, taking the singular note structure from Reserve and merging it with a luxurious niche approach. The same sustainable ingredients from the Reserve collection have been morphed together, blending two unlikely notes to create a mystical, beautiful fragrance that I have never come across before. The new fragrances are...

*Galbanum & Rain - Fresh and woody with cedarwood, patchouli and vetiver
*Hemp & Ginger - Earthy with notes of cardamom
*Muguet & Skin - Warm and sophisticated with jasmine and patchouli
*Saguaro Blossom & Sand - Intriguing with notes of jasmine, lavender and rose
*Sweetbriar & Moss - Non-traditional floral scent with rose and lychee
*White Amber & Warm Cotton - A fresh twist on the classic 'Warm Cotton', with mandarin, bergamot and sandalwood
*Nude Santal & Heliotrope - Soft and comforting, with lemon, orange flower and vanilla
These really are very unique and individual fragrances, and when I was offered to try one out, I opted for the Galbanum & Rain as I tend to go for quite woody, fresh fragrances and so I thought this one would appeal to me most. The packaging is typically CLEAN Reserve, except this time with a twist, as it features gorgeous, exotic blooms around the front label, and the bottle has a teal green/blue tint to it, with a darker wooden lid.

Galbanum & Rain, as mentioned, is a fresh and woody fragrance which has been crafted with eco-conscious and sustainable notes of Galbanum, Sichuan Pepper, Clearwood, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Vetiver. If I was to take a walk in a rain-soaked exotic forest, then this is probably what I would expect it to smell like. At first, you can almost smell the rain, but then it settles down slightly to a warmer, woodier scent with a touch of exotic spice, which must be the Sichuan Pepper. 
I think this is definitely a perfume which I would use more on a weekend or for special events, rather than everyday due to the intensity of it. However, as this is an eau de parfum, and not an eau de toilette, you only need one or two spritzes to last you throughout the day, as eau de parfums are more concentrated. The CLEAN Reserve Avant Garden Galbanum & Rain Eau De Parfum retails at £129.00 for 100ml and you can find it exclusively at Space NK here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This item was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own


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