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Monday 19 August 2019

There is a brand new haircare brand in town, namely Cake Beauty and I was fortunate enough to be sent a couple of their products to try out and share with you all. Cake Beauty is a Canadian brand, which was founded by Heather Reier, who started the brand in Kitchener, Ontario when she couldn't find beauty products that satisfied her need for girly indulgence and her want for natural ingredients.
Every product that Cake produce is conceptualised, tested and designed at the Head Office in Toronto. Their formulations are manufactured here in the UK as well as Canada. Cake do not buy any ingredients from suppliers that test on animals and they do not test their final formulations on animals either. The brand also will not sell their products in any environment that requires them to conduct animal testing, and so this is definitely a brand that cares and they are certified both cruelty free and vegan by PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies.

The first product I tried out from their brand is the Cake Beauty The Mane Manage'r (£8.99), which is a three-in-one leave-in conditioner. It has a triple-action formula and is to be used after you have washed your hair, as a leave-in moisturiser which can be used daily and works as a style refresher to give you softer, better looking hair. The Mane Manage'r contains a wealth of natural ingredients and can be used on damp or dry hair to detangle, hydrate and revive the hair as well as providing a little extra volume and body to the hair. As you may imagine, the formula has a real sweet, cakey, confectionery scent to it, which isn't overpowering and is really quite pleasant. You apply through a spray nozzle and each spritz gives quite a good amount and product, and I found that I only really needed a couple of sprays per application. I love that this doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky, and instead leaves it feeling super smooth, soft and manageable.
When the UK had that unbearable heat wave a month or so ago, I could not bare to wash, blowdry and style my hair. It was an absolute no-way-no-how moment. So I had taken to washing it and then applying a salt spray afterwards, which gave my hair masses of volume and texture, but left it feeling very dry. The Cake Beauty The Wave Maker (£8.99) is a sugar-infused spray to give the hair texture and soft waves without using sea salt, and so there is never any drying out of the hair - hurray for Cake! The Wave Maker is suitable for all hair types and adds soft textured waves to the hair by adding the sugar and just a tiny pinch of salt, and isn't the slightest bit sticky, which I did find with my regular sea salt spray. You simply spritz the product throughout the hair and then either blowdry it or leave it dry au natural, and the next morning, I didn't even have problems brushing it out, which was a definite plus for me as it saved me washing my hair more frequently than needed.
I think that the price points for this brand is exceptional, as you get 120ml of product in both of these items, and considering they contain all-natural, quality ingredients, that is worth more in my opinion. Cake Beauty is exclusively sold in the UK throughout Boots stores and online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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