Halotop x Colourpop Rainbow Swirl Super Shock Pigment Duo Review + Swatches

Tuesday 24 September 2019

I haven't placed a Colourpop order for about a year, apart from the Zoella collaboration, and so I thought it was about high time I did! There have been so many new releases lately, as there always is from them, and so I ordered a lovely little selection. One of the items being the Halotop x Colourpop Rainbow Swirl Super Shock Pigment Duo, which I have for you here today.
The Halotop x Colourpop collaboration contains just four Super Shock Pigment Duos, there are no lip products etc, just these four cute sets. For those that aren't aware, Halotop is a low-fat, low-calorie ice cream company - gotta love that - and their Colourpop collaboration obviously takes on that ice cream theme.
After receiving the Rainbow Swirl edition, I do now wish I had ordered the other three, Strawberry, Mint Chip and Birthday Cake. I am trying to hold off ordering anything else at the moment as I am going to Orlando in December, and so I am saving my money to have a good beauty splurge there.
The Halotop x Colourpop Rainbow Swirl Super Shock Pigment Duo comes in a cute ice-cream style cardboard container, and then inside are the two eyeshadows. The eyeshadow pots have little ice creams on the lids, and are baby pink in colour, so very much sticking with that ice cream theme, which I love!

The two shades in this duo are Creamsicle and Sherbert Day. Creamsicle looked a little boring through the lid, but once you remove it, it gives way to a pretty creamy pearlescent pink with so much soft pink shimmer and glitter running through it and you could actually use this as a highlighter too, as it is quite gentle, which I love. Sherbert Day looks stunning in the pot, a slight marbled/tie-dyed effect full of peaches, pinks and purples. Once swirled together, it gives a bright pop of Barbie pink which has silver micro glitter running throughout it. The two work beautifully together, as well as on their own.
If you haven't tried the Colourpop Super Shock Pigment formula before, it feels very strange to touch in the pot, as it kind of feels like jelly, kinda bouncy. However, they apply beautifully and are super pigmented, and you get a good amount of product in there. Working out at $6 each, which is £4.88 each at the moment due to the horrific exchange rate, these are really excellent value for money, and I don't think I have ever hit pan on one of these shadows before.

You can find the Halotop x Colourpop Rainbow Swirl Super Shock Pigment Duo online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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