Urban Decay Stay Naked Liquid Foundation + Concealer Review

Wednesday 25 September 2019

As soon as Urban Decay announce a new release, I get super excited, because they sure as heck don't do things by half. Say hello to the Urban Decay Stay Naked Liquid Foundation and Concealer. There are a whopping 50 shades available, and as it is currently foundation season, I just had to try it out.
The Urban Decay Stay Naked Liquid Foundation is another expansion on the Naked Collection, and this new foundation come in fifty shades, including nine shade intensities, three mastertones and seven undertones. As there were so many shades and different tones, I decided to drive over to my local Debenhams store to get colour-matched.
The sales assistant and I settled on the shade 31NN, which means a light shade intensity, a neutral mastertone and a neutral undertone. It can get a little like science class here. The Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation is a waterproof, long-wear foundation that has a lightweight formula and promotes itself as having 24 hour wear. I have mentioned this before in reviews, and I have no need to wear a foundation for 24 hours, but this certainly stayed in place throughout the day and there was no need for touch-ups.

The bottle looks quite boujee, with a rose gold cap, and cut-out style bottle, however it is plastic, and I did expect, and would have preferred a glass bottle, just because I think it looks a little better especially when you are buying a more higher-end product. But that is just my personal opinion and of course has no impact on the product itself.
I have quite large pores, and I find that this foundation covers them evenly, without clogging them up, and so I love that about this product. When you use the pump applicator to release the product, it does look and feel quite thick, but it blends out super easily and quickly into a full coverage base. It literally works like magic at covering and concealing redness and the rest of the face. I only really suffer from redness, so I cannot comment on things like spots.

I was sold on this foundation as soon as I first applied it, purely down to the coverage, finish and longevity of wear and I actually find the best way to apply it is with your fingers, and then I like to go in with a Beauty Blender just to pat down any excess. One pump alone does my entire face, and so you are going to get plenty of use from this 30ml bottle.

Moving on to the Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer, this is a vegan, demi-matte liquid concealer with plenty of pigment and full coverage that again has that 24 hour wear-time claim. This time we have 25 shades available, with nine shade intensities, three mastertones and five undertones. I was matched to shade 40NN, a light medium shade with neutral mastertone and a neutral undertone. 
A lot of people like to go a lot lighter with their concealer, but because I get quite dark circles, and the way my eyes are set, I tend to more or less match my foundation. The packaging is rather plain, with that copper-style lid, and a regular rectangular tube, however, the wavy wand is slightly unique, and you use the flat side for a more precise, light application or lean into the curve for a smooth glide-on application and heavier dose of product.
I found that the concealer has a really great consistency, it isn't too watery, neither is it too thick. It blends beautifully into the skin, and there is no caking or oiliness after it has settled in, to create a stunningly natural look. Due to it being quite heavily pigmented, the Stay Naked Concealer does cover under eye circles really well, and I naturally have darkness there, and will often go in with a colour corrector and then a concealer, but I found that the concealer alone works great for that.

The Urban Decay Stay Naked Liquid Foundation retails at £29.50 and the Concealer retails at £20.00 and you can find them online at Urban Decay here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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