Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum Shimmering Body Lotion Review

Saturday 28 September 2019

If you follow one of my favourite You Tuber's Tati Westbrook, you may have seen she has been doing quite a few videos with makeup artist Scott Barnes. In true Kathryn style, I had not heard of him before, as I think his brand is 100% American based, and with so many amazing makeup artists and You Tubers, it is so easy not to be on top of your game at knowing who everyone is. One of the products both Tati and Scott were discussing was the Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum Shimmering Body Lotion.
This is from Scott's own makeup and beauty collection, and as I hadn't tried anything before, I had a couple of his products imported over here to try out. I won't lie, the tube packaging of the Body Bling Platinum, did look a little cheap to me, but the outer carton looks rather classy. You get 120ml of this product, so quite a lot, and a little goes a long way. 
Here in the UK, we don't get the weather to be having our legs, arms and decollete out all the time, so for me this would probably be a Summer or a Christmas party product. There are two shades available, Original and Platinum and as I have fairer skin, I went for the lighter shade Platinum. Although when I released a little of the product, I was slightly scared at first as it looked pretty dark for my skin, but I couldn't have been more wrong.
The Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum instantly adds a natural, yet healthy glow to wherever you place it. It doesn't look too dark either as it seemed to instantly blend into my own skin tone like magic. I personally haven't come across a product which looks this effortlessly stunning here in the UK before, and it wouldn't be something I could afford to use on a daily basis, but luckily due to the UK weather, I probably wouldn't need to anyway.

The Scott Barned Body Bling Platinum Moisturising Shimmering Body Lotion costs $42.00/£33.72 and you can find it online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


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