SOL Body Glow Oil & Shimmering Dry Oil Review

Friday 27 September 2019

When I placed my Colourpop order recently, I added to it the SOL Body Glow Oil and Shimmering Dry Oil and even though it is more or less Autumn here in the UK now, I still have my holiday to Orlando in December, and who doesn't want to add glitter and shimmer to their tan?!
SOL Body is the little sister of Colourpop, and it is a pretty new brand within the Colourpop family, with at the time of writing this, just the two products included in this post plus a body kabuki brush. As with all Colourpop products and brands, the SOL Body products are pretty inexpensive, with both of these products retailing at $15.00 each, which works out at about £12.00 each due to the current horrific exchange rate.
The SOL Body Glow Oil is available in four different shades - Champagne, Rose, Golden and Caramel, and I opted for Champagne as it is the lightest and I have light to fair skin. Although, on reflection I do wish I had maybe tried the Rose. The Glow Oil comes in a 104ml plastic bottle complete with pump applicator and lid, and is a rich body oil that gives the skin a slight hint of colour and a large amount of glow. The formula includes light-diffusing micro pearl which creates a subtle luminosity to help the skin look healthier and contains Coconut, Argan and Marula oils to soften and moisturise the skin. Now, I would recommend being careful when dispensing the product as a little goes a long way - but it smells like coconut and that scent is just the gift that keeps on giving. You are going to shine like the champagne-coloured disco ball that you are! This is truly stunning and it is going to last you a long time as it really is very concentrated with shimmer and of course can be used absolutely everywhere and anywhere to add a glow to the skin and I think I am definitely going to try adding a little to my foundation to see how that turns out.
The SOL Body Shimmering Dry Oil is also available in four shades, Platinum, Soft Gold, Warm Gold and Bronze. I chose Platinum as again this is the lightest shade of the four and I must say I think it is really great to create a range of shimmers for different skintones, as normally you just get one, maybe two at the most with other brands. You get 90ml of the Shimmering Dry Oil, even though it looks the taller bottle, and this one comes in a glass bottle for some reason, which isn't the best for travelling with I must admit. It has the same pump applicator as the Glow Oil, and again, it does come out really quickly and so be careful when pumping the product out - one pump at a time works perfectly. The Shimmering Dry Oil is a lightweight dry oil that has multidimensional shimmer, however, it is a lot more sparse shimmer and glitter wise than the Glow Oil, but still leaves the skin looking glistening and gorgeous. The coconut scent this time reminds me of one of my favourite ever coconut scents from Bath & Body Works so I am currently sat here inhaling it haha! It too has Coconut, Argan and Marula oils to keep the skin looking and feeling much more nourished and hydrated, which is perfect after a day in the sunshine.
Colourpop do ship to the UK, and all taxes etc are included in their shipping prices. I find shipping to be quite quick considering they are coming halfway around the world and you can check them and SOL Body out online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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