Current Favourite Five Lip Products October 2019

Sunday 6 October 2019

I have been loving a shimmery lip lately, and so I thought I would do an updated 'Current Favourite Five Lip Products' post as I am forever switching up my lipsticks and then finding about 15 at the bottom of my handbag. Here are the lip products I have been loving lately...
First up is the MAC Dazzleglass in the shade Via Veneto (no clue what that means!). The only issue I have with MAC Dazzleglasses is the brush, it is one of those small, paintbrush-style brushes, and I much prefer a sponge as the bristles end up going everywhere. Anyhoo, I love this shade, which is a sparkly iridescent gloss which has a lilac to blue shift with a clear base, as it just adds a pop of super shiny shimmer to the lips.
I always have a good nude on the go, and lately it has been the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition in Birkin Suede ($18.00). It is currently out of stock, but I know that a lot of his products end up being restocked, so keep an eye out if this is a shade you love. Birkin Suede is a really light creamy nude shade and comes in the traditional JSC bullet style packaging. This lasts ages on my lips and it is so comfortable to wear.
Coral shades always seem to really suit my skintone, more so than many other colours, and so I have been loving the Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss in the shade Sorbet Watch. This is the most delicious coral pink gloss with the most amazing pigmentation and I got this at the Estee Lauder Companies Beauty Outlet so instead of £15.00, it cost me £10.50 - every penny counts! There are plenty of different shades and textures available in the Gloss Angeles range and I would highly recommend them as they don't feel sticky on the lips.
I personally find Charlotte Tilbury lip products a bit hit and miss, but a newish release which has blown my frilly little socks off is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Diamonds Lipstick. It does cost £25.00, which is pricey for a lip product, there is no doubt about that, but the soft rose pink and stunning glitter running through it, makes it super unique. It is a slimmer bullet size to the original CT lipsticks, but this little beauty brings me so much joy and is like applying glitter (or diamonds) straight onto the lips.
My final favourite is the Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Gloss in the shade Candy Drip. Yes, I love Jeffree Star and his cosmetics brand, but his lip products are some of the best out there and at £16.00, they are not overly priced compared to other brands on the market. I have another shade of The Gloss, and there are so many to choose from, but I love this pretty light coral with pink and blue iridescent shimmer running through it. The Gloss smells of creme brulee, it has a really good applicator and it looks so boujee! What more could a girl want?!
Top To Bottom: Jeffree Star The Gloss in Candy Drip, MAC Dazzleglass in Via Veneto, Smashbox Gloss Angeles in Sorbet Watch, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Diamonds, Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition in Birkin Suede.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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