I Heart Revolution Fruity Baking Powders Review

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Another first for the brand, we have the I Heart Revolution Fruity Baking Powders (why is there not a love heart icon on an actual keyboard in this day & age?!). There are four different shades and fragrances and not just one but TWO banana varieties, which is my joint favourite beauty fragrance, along with coconut.
Okay, so you are getting a lot of product in these Baking Powder tubs - 22g - and each one comes with a little puff, although if I was using them at home, I personally prefer a large fluffy brush. However, when it comes to baking the face, sometimes sponges and puffs can be great for applying a larger, more concentrated amount of powder, which you can then wipe the excess away with a brush.

The I Heart Revolution Coconut Baking Powder is the lightest of the bunch, and has more of a translucent style to it. So, if you are not wanting colour, or are the fairest of them all, then you are going to want the Coconut. It smells incredible, it makes me want to go on holiday, but unfortunately Thomas Cook messed that up for me.
If you have fair to light skin, then you would be best off choosing the I Heart Revolution Peach Baking Powder, as this is a touch warmer than the Coconut. The packaging on these powders is super fun and colourful, which I have come to love and expect from I Heart Revolution.
If you are wanting to brighten the skin, and have a light to more medium skin tone, then I would recommend the I Heart Revolution Banana Baking Powder, which smells of delicious creamy bananas and makes me hungry. Each and every scent and shade in this collection features the softest, finely-milled powder, which never looks cakey or heavy on the skin, and keeps shine at bay, skin smooth, and makeup in place.
The warmest of this beautiful baking bunch is the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Banana Baking Powder. Yes, that's right, chocolate and banana scented powder! Oh my goodness. This would be for more darker skintones, to brighten the skin, and keep makeup in place, but if you don't have darker skin, I would definitely recommend going into store just to smell it. You can thank me later.
The I Heart Revolution Baking Powders cost just £5.00 each, which is far less than the majority of baking powders on the market, never mind for a whopping 22g of it! Due to the lovely packaging, I also think these would make lovely Stocking Fillers for Christmas, especially for the price. You can find them online at Revolution Beauty here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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