I Heart Revolution Fruity Primers Review

Tuesday 8 October 2019

The second part of the I Heart Revolution Fruity collection is all about the I Heart Revolution Fruity Primers, of which there are five featuring different scents and for different problems. I am lucky enough to have been able to try out all five primers and so I of course am reporting for duty, and letting you know all you need to know about these gorgeous and fun primers. I love a good primer, and I don't know what my skin looked like before we started using them, but I imagine it wasn't as good as it looks now. Because I have quite hormonal skin, sometimes I need more hydration and sometimes I need a more mattifying effect, and primers can do that.
The first one up is the I Heart Revolution Strawberry Whip Pore Blurring Primer which firstly, smells incredible. Secondly, this is great for me as I have quite enlarged pores and so I need something to give a blurring effect to my skin. Texture-wise, this is like a softer, smoother version of Benefit's Porefessional Primer, and not only is it smoother, it is much cheaper as well. As a general rule, this velvety soft texture of primer is definitely the one I prefer, however that does change daily depending on the condition of my skin.
We then have the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight Mattifying Primer, which will be great for those of you who have quite oily skin. I tend to get a little oiliness around my T-Zone area later in the day, and at these prices, you can totally mix and match. You could apply the Peach delight to your T-Zone and then one of the other primers to your cheeks. Texture-wise, this is more of a clear gel, a little like the Smashbox Original Primer and as soon as you apply it to the skin, it gives an instant mattifying effect and also works at blurring the pores too to leave a super smooth finish.
If you struggle with redness on the face, then the I Heart Revolution Mint Choc Chip Colour Correcting Primer is the one for you. It smells like Mint Choc Chip ice cream and oh my goodness I want to eat it all up! This is a green-coloured colour correcting primer, and so for me, I like to apply a little of this to my cheeks, as I get quite red cheeks, which again is hormonal. A little goes a long way with this primer, and I would say it is the most looser formula, and more cream-like and covers up redness like a dream.

When it comes to scented products, coconut and banana are my absolute favourites - it is an obsession with me and coconut. That is one of the many reasons I love the I Heart Revolution Coconut Dream Hydrating Primer. I need all the hydration I can get, especially now that the colder months are here, and this primer is just the ticket. Formula-wise, it is similar to the Mint Choc Chip Primer, in that it is slightly more watery than the thicker primers, and is a white cream that goes onto the skin clear. As soon as I apply this to my skin, it feels instantly hydrated and so I will be reaching for this a lot this Autumn and Winter.
One of my favourites just has to be the I Heart Revolution Banana Split Radiance Primer. Again, this isn't as thicker textured as the first two, and is lovely to work into the skin. From other posts, you may have gathered that I love a good pearlescent finish, and the Banana Split Primer is all about the glow. If you have dull, lacklustre skin, then this primer is going to brighten you up all day long as it has a gorgeous champagne-coloured shimmer to it and it illuminates the skin without turning you into a disco ball. All five of these primers contain Vitamins C and E, so whilst also taking care of individual problems, they will also be caring for the skin and ensuring that it is in tip top condition.

The I Heart Revolution Fruity Primers cost £6.00 each and you get 27ml of product, which I would say is definitely excellent value. You can find them online at Revolution here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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