Max Factor Lash Revival Primer & Mascara Review

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Along with foundations, one of my favourite new products to try are mascaras, and Max Factor recently released a brand new mascara AND primer! Say hello to the Max Factor Lash Revival Primer and Max Factor Lash Revival Mascara...
Now, what is special about this Lash Revival duo is that it helps to renew and revive the lashes, hence the name, and contains Argan, Jojoba and Coconut Oils to help condition and nourish the lashes, whilst also helping them to look great. I often use an eyelash primer as my natural lashes are very fine, fair, short and straight and so it takes a lot for me to build up my lashes to anywhere near where I want them to be. The Max Factor Lash Revival Volume Boosting Primer (£12.99) is a lightweight primer that has a rubberised brush which leaves a white layer of product on your lashes. You then leave that to set on the lashes for around 30 seconds, before going ahead and applying mascara. Due to the brush being more rubberised that bristled, it is really comfortable to use, and the formula is even suitable for sensitive eyes. The Lash Revival Primer instantly conditions the lashes, whilst also building that layer and coating the lashes to add extra volume and length to them before adding mascara. I find that the primer doesn't feel cakey or heavy on my lashes, and you can't really feel it after application, even if you go in with a second or third layer.
Now obviously you do not have to use a Primer with the Max Factor Lash Revival Mascara, but if you have terrible natural lashes like myself, then I would definitely recommend it. The Max Factor Lash Revival Mascara comes in very similar packaging to the Primer, this time in gold chrome and works on getting your lashes stronger, fuller, longer and healthier in just 4 weeks of continued use. The brush on the Mascara is very different to the Primer, this time being a more natural bristled brush that has a curve to it. The curvy brush contours the lashes perfectly to leave them looking fanned and fabulous, without it being too big for the eye shape. I was so impressed with the performance of this mascara, it coated every single lash, and my bottom lashes have never looked so fuller! Just two quick coats made my lashes longer, thicker and more fluttery, and there was no stiffness to the lashes or clumping, just lovely natural feeling lashes. The Max Factor Lash Revival Mascara is available in two shades, Black and Brown, and here I have the Black. This also retails for £12.99, but Boots do currently have a duo pack of the Primer and Mascara for £20.00.
You can find the Max Factor Lash Revival Primer and Mascara in-store and online at retailers such as Boots here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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