Updated Topshop Beauty Haul + Review

Sunday 10 November 2019

I remember when Topshop Beauty first ever came out - it was revolutionary to see makeup in a clothing shop, and they had such on-trend packaging, products and shades. I had so many of the lipsticks, the eyeshadows and nail polishes. I haven't bought anything from there for years, and I recently spotted that they had re-vamped their products and packaging, so you know I had to give it a whirl!
I think last time around I bought Topshop makeup, they didn't have a liquid lipstick, so the first thing I picked up is the Topshop Longwear Lip Liquid (£12.00), which is available in eight different shades. I chose the shade Adore, because I wanted something that would suit the majority of occasions. Adore is a nude which has tiny flecks of gold glitter running throughout it, which I thought was a really nice touch to such an everyday shade. I like that this doesn't dry down matte, and the packaging is nice and clean, and doesn't feel cheap at all. The formula is really lovely and the applicator brush is a double-sided sponge and so it is easy to apply. I would definitely try this in a different shade.
The next thing that caught my eye is the Topshop Longwear Eye Crayon (£10.00), which you can get in ten shades, with some being matte and some being metallic. The Eye Crayons are quite small, and I must admit I wasn't that interested until I swatched it, and fell in love with the colour and formula. The shade I went for is Ding Dong, a metallic mid-gold colour and the formula slides onto the eyes super easily, which is great for such a delicate area. I haven't tried any of the other shades, but I would definitely love a couple more of the metallic colours as they are just stunning and way better than even the Charlotte Tilbury crayons in my opinion.
I love trying out new mascaras, so I also picked up the Topshop Intense Mascara in the shade Keyboard (£12.00). I don't believe they have any other shades than this black one, but I could of course be wrong. This has a sleek matte and shiny packaging theme going on, just like with the other products, and I must admit, I really do like it. The Intense Mascara as quite a full brush applicator, although I think out of everything, this is the product I was least impressed with. The formula and brush didn't really seem to do a lot to my lashes, there was no thickening or lengthening and my fine, short, straight lashes need something more.
My finale product is the Topshop Glow Powder Highlighter in the shade Crescent Moon (£15.00), and this one comes in luxe gold packaging, so I am not 100% sure if this is a part of their Christmas collection. This compact is quite weighty, just like the other products which I really like as it feels secure, and you get a mirror on the inside of the lid, and plenty of the product. If you have fair/light to light/medium skin, then this highlighter will look stunning on you. It is hard to pick up on a photograph, but it is a soft peach with a pale pink shift to it and really is very pretty. Even though it is a powder, it doesn't look cakey at all on the skin and actually looks really smooth and lovely. Would definitely recommend this.
You can find Topshop Beauty in-store and online at Topshop here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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