Winter Lip Care - Favourite Lip Balms

Wednesday 6 November 2019

As soon as that sun disappeared, my lips started drying up. I have never had full, luscious lips, but that doesn't mean I don't want to look after them. I remember when I was a kid and all there was for lips was a Chapstick or a Lypsyl, but now there are so many different lip care products that I thought I would do a round-up of some of my favourites.
Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm
Price: £6.95 for 8ml
Application: Apply either directly onto the lips, or use your finger to smooth it down.
What Is It? This lip balm is great for dry, chapped lips and contains botanical extracts to nourish the lips with natural oil and waxes. It gives intensive nourishment and protection even on very dry and chapped lips whilst forming a protective barrier against cold weather and dry indoor air.
Suitable For: Vegetarians, Gluten-free, all skin types.
Where To Find It: Online at Weleda here.
Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities
Price: £7.99 for 10g
Application: Squeezy tube, and so you can apply directly onto the lips or with your fingers.
What Are They? A reinvention of the original Lanolips 101 Ointment, these fruities come in various flavours, although not tinted, these smell divine. Each one is formulated with Ultra Medical Grade lanolin, which resembles and mimics your own skin oils to restore moisture unlike anything else and holds 200% of its own weight in moisture. 
Suitable For: Babies, Vegetarians, all skin types.
Where To Find It: Online at Cult Beauty here.
Burt's Bees All-Weather Moisturising Lip Balm
Price: £3.99 for 4.25g
Application: Traditional twist-up tube.
What Is It? A moisturising lip balm that is made from 100% natural ingredients, and provides sun protection with its SPF15, moisturisation and nourishment to the lips all year round, no matter what the season or climate. It has a soothing, nourishing texture to it, and really keeps the lips hydrated, and I love that it has an SPF in there too.
Suitable For: All skin types.
Where To Find It: Online at Amazon here.
Bramley Fireweed, Mandarin & Seabuckthorn Lip Balm
Price: £8.00 for 15g
Application: Comes in a sweet tin, and so you can apply with fingertips. I did find it hard to open the tin up for the first few times.
What Is It? A unique natural formula that is richly moisturising on the lips, containing 100% natural ingredients such as fireweed extract and mandarin and seabuckthorn essential oils. I enjoy the delicate mandarin scent this has and that it was made in the British countryside. A non-greasy formula that leaves lips soft and protected.
Suitable For: All skin types.
Where To Find It: Online at Bramley here.
Makeup Revolution Good Vibes Lip Balms
Price: £5.00 for 2.2g
Application: These come in crayon-like tubes, which twist up and apply straight to the lips, featuring a slanted tip for easy application.
What Is It? These Good Vibes Lip Balms not only nourish the lips, and are infused with Cannabis Sativa, but also add a hint of sheen and colour to the lips. Mood is a light plum, Energy is a pretty coral pink, and Euphoria is a rose pink. I also love the colourful packaging on these.
Suitable For: Vegans, all skin types and cruelty free.
Where To Find Them: Online at Revolution here.
M&S Beauty x Skyn Iceland Limited Edition Minty Lip Fix
Price: N/A - Exclusive to the M&S Advent Calendar
Application: A squeezy tube with a slanted tip for easy application.
What Is It? A limited edition refreshing lip balm, which is enriched with glacial water, cloudberry and mint extracts to hydrate the lips and keep the super soft all winter long. I love the Winter-style, festive packaging on this and it smells incredible.
Suitable For: All skin type
Where To Find It: Online at M&S exclusively in the advent calendar (Out 31st Oct)
Vichy Naturalblend Tinted Lip Balm
Price: £8.50 for 4.5g
Application: A traditional, twist-up tube.
What Is It? A tinted lip balm with a creamy, soft texture which glides onto the lips, improving dryness by up to 26%, without leaving the lips sticky or greasy. I love that these are tinted, and here I have the shade Coral, but you can also get an un-tinted version if you prefer. I found this to be super hydrating and definitely helped the condition of my lips, whilst also adding a pop of colour too.
Suitable For: All skin types
Where To Find It: Online at Vichy here.
Burt's Bee Beeswax Lip Balm Tin
Price: £3.69 for 8.5g
Application: A handy little tin, so application is with fingertips.
What Is It? A moisturising lip balm which is infused with power packed Beeswax to condition the skin and Vitamin E to moisturise and soften the lips. I love the hint of Peppermint Oil this contains as it gives the lips a slight tingle and makes them smell lovely and fresh. You cannot go wrong with this traditional lip balm.
Suitable For: All skin types.
Where To Find It: Online at Amazon here.
All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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