Magnitone Natural Cleansing Ultimate Gift Set Review

Sunday 1 December 2019

Who doesn't either want to give or receive the gift of great skin this Christmas? I was recently, very kindly sent the Magnitone Natural Cleansing Ultimate Gift Set to try out and it really does make the perfect Christmas gift, whether to a loved one or to yourself as a little self-care.
The Magnitone Natural Cleansing Ultimate Gift Set contains the Magnitone Vibra-Sonic Skin-Balancing Compact Daily Cleansing Brush, with USB cable and two of the Magnitone Wipeout Amazing Microfibre Cleansing Cloths. I have tried the cleansing cloths before, and they are simply magical - you do not need to use any skincare product with them, just some warm water and it removes all makeup, even long-wear and oil-based products. Plus, they can be used 1000s of times as you can machine wash them and they dry really quickly so you can take them travelling with you.
When Magnitone first came onto the market, I remember years ago I tried their first cleansing brush, and at that time it was one of the first around, especially at an accessible price. I loved it and I am so glad they continue to grow as a brand. The brush you receive within this gift set is a super cute pink mini, however even though the handle is smaller than the original, the head is still the same size, so you are still getting the same amount of coverage.
Using a cleansing brush like this one is over six times more effective than cleansing with just your hands, so you know you are going to be getting a really good deep clean on the skin. The Vibra-Sonic technology is great for clogged pores as it gently wobbles them to release any impurities, so it is kind of like a gentle exfoliation every time you use it. Each time you charge the brush, you get one month's usage out of it, so you know that if you are travelling, you don't have to take the USB cable with you and each cleanse cycle takes just 60 seconds. 
Another reason that using the Magnitone Cleansing Brush is so great is that because it has cleared out the pores, it means your skincare serums and moisturisers are going to work because your pores are free and clean, so the products are able to work deep down into the skin to give longer lasting results. The Magnitone Natural Cleansing Gift Set costs £60.00, which for the brush, the two cloths and the USB really is an excellent price. I had my original Magnitone brush for years as you can purchase new brush heads to pop on as and when you need them.
You can find it online at Magnitone here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This item was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own


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