Revolution Pro New Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes Review

Sunday 12 April 2020

I have featured some of these palettes in previous posts, but I wanted to showcase all three together from the Revolution Pro New Neutral Eyeshadow Palette collection. There was an original New Neutral Palette, but these are the three new additions, the Smoked Palette, the Passion Palette and the Blushed Palette.
Starting with the Revolution Pro New Neutral Smoked Eyeshadow Palette (£12.00), this comes in a black leopard print casing which opens up to reveal a mirror on the inside of the lid and then 18 shadows. This palette contains an array of charcoals, blacks, navys, and neutrals with finishes including matte, reflective, pearl and glitter to give you the ultimate sultry smokey look.
The shades included within this palette are;
Void - Matte light caramel
Emit - Black matte with silver glitter
Defuse - Matte toffee
Trigger - Iridescent pastel glitter
Fortify - Matte chocolate
Vexer - Taupe metallic
Halt - Light navy shimmer
Smite - Gold glitter
Muse - Rose gold metallic
Tremble - Navy shimmer
Fuse - Lilac metallic
Octane - Burnt orange metallic
Deceive - Cream pearlescent
Sepia - Medium brown shimmer
Ignite - Pink glitter
Quell - Black matte with gold glitter
Smoulder - Dark charcoal shimmer
Aroma - Navy matte
I love the unusual shades within this palette, and Fuse and Octane are both beautiful colours I haven't often come across in a palette. The blues are just stunning, and would look insane with a gold liquid eyeliner to finish them off.
Next up is the Revolution Pro New Neutral Passion Palette (£12.00), which comes in lovely bright pink and ombre leopard packaging. This of course has the mirror on the inside of the lid and then the 18 eyeshadows, which works out at 66p a shadow! Crazy value for money, as always with Revolution. The New Neutral Passion Palette contains a feisty collection of hot pinks, golds and warm neutrals with finishes including matte, reflective, pearl and glitters and is definitely a palette you could use all year round.
The shades included are;
 Ductile - Violet glitter
Reverse - Warm brown matte
Secret - Nude matte
Amerce - Maroon matte
Spoilt - Maroon metallic
Vain - Rustic pink shimmer
Sensual - Plum matte
247 - Gold glitter
Intimate - Burnt orange matte
Libertine - Dark pink glitter
Distort - Grey taupe matte
Evince - Light purple matte
Masked - Light nude matte
Sham - Cream shimmer
Aura - Light lilac reflect
Ma'am - Bronze metallic
Vice - Magenta matte
Smoulder - Burgundy shimmer
My favourite shades from this palette are Spoilt and Vain as they are just gorgeous and will work well with pretty much every eye colour, and I also really like Aura as it is a really pretty reflect shade that you could also use as an inner corner highlight.
Finally, the Revolution Pro New Neutrals Blushed Eyeshadow Palette (£12.00) arrives in rose gold leopard print packaging and of course, like the other palettes, includes a large mirror on the inside of the lid and the eighteen shades. The Blushed Palette features an indulgent array of champagnes, blush pinks and warm neutral shades, with matte, reflective, pearl and glitter finishes for the ultimate classic glam look. This one is slightly more unusual than the other two palettes as it features some marbled shades with look beautiful both in the pans and on the lids.
The shades include;
Hint - Copper speckled with white and pink glitter
Dazed - Light brown metallic
Tone - Cream matte
Aglow - Light pink speckled with white and pink glitter
Lustre - Copper glitter
Posset - Light peach shimmer
Rhubarb - Dusky pink matte
Cava - Light gold glitter
Roasted - Burnt orange matte
Curio - Light burgundy metallic
Gala - Teal blue matte
Claret - Warm chocolate brown matte with a hint of pink
Lucent - Coral speckled with white and gold glitter
Prime - Very pale yellow matte
Scarlet - Warm chocolate brown matte
Corona - Warm gold metallic
Bloom - Peach matte
Glimpse - Pale brown matte
The unique speckled shades have my heart with this palette, as they are so unusual and create the prettiest looks. Although the metallics are really beautiful too, and I love the fact that in all three palettes, you get neutral mattes so that you can create a full eye look from each palette. The opportunities are endless!
You can find all three Revolution Pro New Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes online at Revolution here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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