Essence Witch Side Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Saturday 4 July 2020

I feature Essence Cosmetics a lot on my blog as they are continuously one of my favourite drugstore brands. They are always coming up with new products and always at affordable prices. One of their most recent releases is the Essence Witch Side Eyeshadow Palette, which I was recently very kindly gifted by the brand.
The new Essence Witch Side Eyeshadow Palette contains 15 good-sized pans of eyeshadow, and the palette itself has a mirror on the inside of the lid and a cool reflective lid. The idea behind this palette is that you can choose the good witch or the bad witch, with half of the shades being lighter and the other half being darker, therefore you are getting a good variety of shades within this palette to create many different looks.
You also receive a variety of finishes within this palette, so you are getting mattes, chunky shimmers/glitters, shimmers and metallics. There are four unusual shades made from metallic flake nuances, and these are probably my favourites in the palette as they can be used on their own or as a topper to other shades.
On the dark side you have;
Gloomy - A rich navy shimmer
Potion - A matte burgundy
Shadowy - A stunning rose gold metallic flake nuance
Wicked - A charcoal metallic flake nuance that contains green and yellow specks of iridescent glitter
Spell - A deep, rich brown matte
Haunted - A pewter metallic
And on the lighter side...
Ritual - A bone cream matte
Supernatural - A nude matte
Magic - A more pink-toned nude matte
Talisman - A pretty silver pink metallic
Wish - A light peach nude
Amulet - A light pink, peach metallic flake nuance
Power - A soft pink metallic flake nuance
Charm - A dusky pink matte
Enchanted - A soft pink shimmer
I do believe this is a rather unique palette as you have those warmer, darker tones, but then also some great neutrals down the centre and then the lighter shades on the right, which isn't something I often see with palettes - they are usually one or the other. If you like to keep a more compact makeup collection, then this would be a great option for you, but whatever your collection preferences, this is definitely a great palette.

The Essence Witch Side Eyeshadow Palette costs £9.99 and you can find it online at Feel Unique here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This item was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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