KVD Vegan Beauty True Portrait Liquid-To-Powder Foundation Review

Monday 24 August 2020

I won’t lie, I have tried products from this brand when it was Kat Von D, however, I never bought a product because it was her brand, just when someone had really recommended something and to be quite frank, her as a person put me off trying other products. But it has now been taken over by someone brand new and renamed as KVD Vegan Beauty – hurrah! 

Therefore, I really wanted to try something from the brand which I haven’t previously and so opted for the KVD Vegan Beauty True Portrait Liquid-To-Powder Foundation. It retails for £28.00 for which you get 30ml of product and there are 40 shades to choose from, so I went over to the trusty Foundation Matrix and it estimated I should be Light 012, and so that is what I ordered. (At the time of writing this, and I imagine for many months to come, makeup has been taken off the shelves in department stores, and so you cannot get colour-matched nor can you try out products, which makes me really sad, but I know it is not important in the grand scheme of things!).

The KVD Vegan Beauty True Portrait Liquid-To-Powder Foundation comes in a cool-looking white bottle, which you need to give a good shake to before use. You unscrew the cap to reveal a small pointed nozzle, and you squeeze the rubber part of the bottle (where the foundation shows through) to release it. Remember to go careful, you don’t want to be covered in foundation! 

Upon first use, I immediately noticed how well it covers my redness and enlarged pores, especially for a medium coverage foundation. To say it goes from a liquid to a powder finish, it is very lightweight and comfortable to wear and I found that I didn’t need to wear a setting powder as if I did, it would be too much of a powdery look for me. I also found that this was long-lasting, which is a plus, and gave a matte finish – I tend to normally prefer a more dewy, luminous finish with my foundations but at the moment with the warmer weather, I have found my skin needs something more mattifying and so this has been a superstar for that!

The KVD Vegan Beauty True Portrait Liquid-To-Powder Foundation states that this foundation is for those with normal to oily skin, and if you suffer from oily skin, I would definitely recommend you trying this out, as it helps massively with my T-Zone which normally gets shiny later in the day, but this has combated that amazingly well. If you have dry to super dry skin, then I would say give this one a miss and try something more hydrating rather than mattifying. 

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


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