Trying Out Avon Makeup For The First Time In Years

Wednesday 19 August 2020

I used to love flicking through the Avon catalogue when I was a teenager as it was my only real access to makeup and beauty at the time (I’m 36, so back in the day, makeup was nothing like it is now). During lockdown (yes, lockdown has a lot to answer for when it comes to all my makeup purchases!!!!), my neighbour asked if I would like to take a look at her colleague’s Avon catalogue. Yes, yes, of course I would, take all my money now! I did get most of these items on some kind of offer, but their offers change all the time, so I will be stating the full price the products are on the website. However, I found some real gems and so here are some of my favourites from my Avon order… 

Also back in the day, Lauren Conrad used to be an ambassador for Avon’s Mark line and we couldn’t get it here in the UK at the time, so when I was flicking through the catalogue I decided to try out a few products. The first is the Mark Show Glow Glow Powder Highlighter (okay, so this is going well as I can’t even find this on the website anymore! Maybe it will return.) in the shade Pink Sand. It comes in black and rose gold packaging and the shade is a champagne pinky tone, which is right up my street. This is a delicate highlight and so if you are wanting a full blingy look, this is not the highlighter for you, but if you are wanting a pretty glow to the skin, then I would definitely recommend trying this out as it is great for lighter skin tones and is very wearable.
 Carrying on with highlighters, (I am such a sucker for a highlighter), we have the Mark MagiX Finishing FX Stick (RRP £6.00). I opted for the shade Ice Princess, and there are others available, but I adore this sweet light pink with a hint of gold colour. I have really been loving cream products this past few months, and this works beautifully on the cheek bones, giving the skin a healthy glow, but a more natural finish that isn’t cakey or heavy on the skin. The FX Stick comes in a twist-up container and you get quite a good amount of product for your money. 

As I hadn’t tried anything for such a long time, I wanted to order a variety of items including a mascara, and so I opted for the AvonEuphoric Mascara in the shade Brown Black (RRP £9.00), and is also available in Black and Blackest Black but as I am quite fair, I wanted to try a lighter shade for a change. It comes in cool colour-shifting packaging and the wand itself is in an hourglass shape, which reminds me a little of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, except with more bristles. I am really impressed with this mascara, the formula is creamy and doesn’t flake or budge and it coats my lashes evenly, adding volume and length.

 Next up is the Avon True Eye Enhancing Shadow Crayon (again, I cannot find this on the website at the moment), in the shade Soft Peach. I really enjoy using eyeshadow crayons for quick pops of colour on the eye when I don’t have time to use regular eyeshadows as they are super easy and quick to use. The formula of this one is soft and creamy and is full of shimmer to give a gentle metallic look and the soft peachy pink is a really pretty colour. I would definitely try out more of these if I could find them online.

Another item from the Show Glow collection is the Mark Show Glow Glitter Flix Stick (RRP £4.50), which is available in Flickering Pink and the one I have here, Flickering Gold. I do think next time I place an order I will definitely pick up Flickering Pink as these are gorgeous! They come in rose gold packaging and add a wash of shimmer to the eyelids, but with extra pieces of glitter too, so you get a really quick, yet effective look for under £5.00, which I think is a bargain. Just like the other Shadow Crayon, this is super soft and creamy, and they glide onto the lids effortlessly, so you are not pulling on that delicate eye area.

As I have mentioned in other posts recently, I am loving a lilac eye look at the moment and so another item I ordered is the Mark 18HR Artist Eyeshadow Ink in the shade Lasting Lilac (RRP £6.00). There are seven shades to choose from, and I would definitely pick up some more as they were on offer for £3.50 when I ordered mine. These little glass pots contain beautiful creamy eyeshadow which again is so easy to apply, yet always really effective. The shade Lasting Lilac is a pretty slightly metallic shimmering lilac with an undertone of silver, and I adore it! The formula doesn’t budge and stays in place throughout the day, and neither does it fade, which for someone with hooded eyelids, is a real bonus!

The final item I chose is the Mark Perfect Brow Crème Gel Pot (RRP £7.00), which I ordered in the shade Light Brown, and there are five shades to choose from. Normally I would go for a medium brown, but this looked quite dark in the catalogue and it works really well for me. You get a good amount of product and it is a pomade formula and so a little goes a long way. I find this easy to apply on the brows, and it doesn’t harden when it sets, so it looks nice and natural, and I find that it stays in place throughout the day and I had no issues with it wiping off or sliding down my face. Always a winner!

You can find Avon online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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