Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20 Extreme Wear & Moisturising Base Review

Thursday 1 April 2021

 I love trying out new primers as they are the base of which the rest of your makeup sits on top of, and so if you can find a good primer, your foundation can often look much smoother. I recently picked up the Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20 Extreme Wear & Moisturising Base and of course I just had to share my thoughts with you all.

The Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20 Extreme Wear & Moisturising Base retails for £36.00 for 30ml, which is on the pricier side, there is no doubting that, but it is Dior. It comes in a cream and silver squeezy tube so it is easy to use. This primer has a lot of claims, including 24 hour wear and hydration, correction, protection and illumination. The product has a slight tint to it, but it is a universal tint and so it doesn't show up on the skin, however I found that this helped to reduce some of the redness I have on my cheek and chin area. As the name suggests, it has SPF 20, and so it helps to protect your skin from the sun, however, I personally prefer to use a separate SPF before applying primers or makeup.

It has a lightweight creamy texture to it, that is not at all greasy or thick on the skin, and so it is very comfortable to wear and sinks into the skin instantly. The Skin Veil is definitely moisturising and I could feel that from the very first moment I applied it to me skin, yet it also helps to mattify any oiliness on the skin, yet still give a fresh, healthy glow to the complexion. I do find it a smoothing formula, but not to the extent where it reduces the size of my pores too much, but it still makes an excellent smoothing face base.

The formula is infused with pansy extract and illuminating oils which is why it is so nourishing and gives such a healthy finish to the skin. The thing I enjoy most about this primer is that it does even out the colouring of my skin tone, which a lot of primers don't, but it isn't colour-correcting in a heavy, concealer way, so it won't affect the natural skin tone, and I have even been wearing this on its own for days when I don't want to wear makeup as I love how hydrating and caring it is on the skin.

You can find the Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20 Extreme Wear & Moisturising Base online at Dior here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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