The Boots Live + Be Captivating Pause Body Collection Review

Monday 12 April 2021

 Last year, Boots released their Live + Be body care collection, a range of various products in various scents, all at an absolutely insane price point! The fragrance I picked up was the Captivating Pause range, and so I thought I would share my thoughts with you on the products I have - there is also a hand wash and a shower cream, which wasn't in stock at the time I purchased these.

First up is the Live + Be Captivating Pause Bath Soak (£1.50 for 400ml), and I will start by saying that the Captivating Pause fragrance contains notes of Nutmeg, Jasmine, Coconut and Black Sugar and I am obsessed with the scent! It smells very unisex, and slightly woody and spicy, which I really love, but it is also a relaxing fragrance too. The Bath Soak doesn't need much explaining - you pour it under running water for a lovely, bubble bath, but this also contains Almond Oil, and so it is very nourishing on the skin and not at all drying or irritable to more sensitive skins.

We then have the Live + Be Captivating Pause Clay Face & Body Mask with Jasmine (£1.50 for 200ml), and whilst I personally wouldn't use this on my face, just because I am quite careful when it comes to applying ingredients on my skin, I absolutely love this as a body mask. It contains Jasmine, and so the scent slightly differs with this one, but it is still very lovely. Simply apply to the body (or face) and sit back and relax for ten minutes until the mask gently tightens as the clay draws out any impurities and dirt, and then rinse off with warm water for healthy looking and feeling skin.

Next up is the Live + Be Captivating Pause Whipped Body Cream (£1.75 for 300ml) and I honestly can not get over the price of these products and the quantity of product you are getting! This is a lovely, rich body cream that sinks instantly into the skin without leaving behind any greasy residue - I really dislike having to wait for body care products to sink it, so I was really impressed with this one. This whole tub is going to last you ages and the formula contains Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to really nourish and moisturise the skin and is a perfect addition for after using the Body Mask.

I cannot find the Live + Be Captivating Pause Hand Cream for love nor money on the Boots website for some reason, but still wanted to include it in case it comes back in stock. I believe this was around £1.00 for 75ml, which is another absolute bargain and I am sure we are all going through so much more hand cream than ever before due to extra hand washing and sanitising. The thing I love most about this hand cream is the texture - it is almost a balm, which I prefer as I find this kind of formula not at all greasy, and it sinks in immediately. It smooths out my skin as well as keeping them nourished throughout the day without having to constantly reapply.

And finally, because I love the fragrance of Captivating Pause so much, I have the Live + Be Captivating Pause Body Mist (£1.25 for 100ml). This Body Mist certainly packs a punch - you get a lot of fragrance, which isn't something you often get with most body sprays, as they usually wear off pretty quickly. The scent is heavenly, as you know from me saying over and over again, this is absolutely my jam and the 100ml gives you plenty of product but makes it not too heavy or large to pop in your bag for on the go.

You can find the Boots Live + Be Captivating Pause collection online at Boots.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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