Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blonzer Review + Swatches

Tuesday 13 April 2021

 I adore Bare Minerals, but apart from skincare, there haven't been that many new makeup products from them in the past year or so, and so when I saw the Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blonzers (£24.00 for 3.8g), I knew I just had to try them!

The Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blonzers are available in three shades - Kiss of Copper, Kiss of Pink and Kiss of Rose - the lightest is Kiss of Pink, then Kiss of Copper and then Kiss of Rose. I know a lot of people have been using blush in the same place as they would a bronzer, but this is the first blush/bronzer hybrid I have come across.

The Blonzers come in light gold compacts, with a transparent lid, which I always prefer as then it is so much easier to see the colour when rooting through your makeup drawer. As a Blonzer, the best shade for me personally is Kiss of Pink, as I have fair to light skin, but I wanted to try all three shades out as I can of course use them as a blush, and the formula just looked stunning online.

Bare Minerals state that these are limited edition, and the Blonzer is talc-free and combines the glow of a bronzing powder with the flush of a blush in just one step, whilst also smoothing and minimising the look of imperfections, rather than enhancing them like some blushers can. The silky texture blends seamlessly into the skin and they are buildable, however for my skin tone, I don't need to build them up as they are really quite pigmented.

I was interested in exactly how to apply these pretty, lightweight products, and Bare Minerals say to start on the outer bridge of the nose, sweep the Blonzer in a U shape, downward to the apple of the cheek and up toward the temple, creating a W when you have applied it to both sides. I am obsessed with the formula of these, it is so so silky and smooth and I tried applying them using a brush, a beauty sponge and even my finger tips, and all three times they gave the most beautiful flush of colour to the skin. I really hope Bare Minerals bring us some more makeup products, because if these are anything to go by, it will be a good year for them!

You can find the Bare Minerals Gen Nude Blonzers online at Bare Minerals here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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