Estrid Vegan Razor Starter Kit Review

Saturday 1 May 2021

 This post contains a gifted item.

Let's talk hair removal. Razors can be pretty darn expensive, which is where Estrid comes in. Estrid is a fairly priced, cruelty-free, high quality razor that is specifically made for women. Estrid wanted to create a razor that didn't have any animal products in the hydrating strips that was made for the female shape.

You can purchase a starter kit* from Estrid for just £7.95, which is much cheaper than many other plastic razors on the high street that don't seem to last two minutes. Each starter kit comes with a steel handle in a choice of five gorgeous colours, a wall mount to store your razor and two razor blades. I chose the shade Bloom, which is a really pretty blossom pink, and so my steel handle and the wall mount are the same colour.

Delivery is free, and it comes in a letterbox friendly package so you don't need to trawl to the post office to pick up the parcel if you were out. You then get to choose how frequently you want to receive replacement blades. Each shipment includes four new sharp vegan blades, and you can choose once a month, every second month or every third month, with the option to skip or change at any time. Along with your subscription box, you are also able to choose a handy reusable silicone case for travelling with your razor or shaving cream.

I have never owned a razor like this one before, especially not at this amazing price. The steel handle is weighty, yet comfortable to hold, with a rubber back so that you don't slip whilst shaving. Estrid use sustainable steel for their razors to help tackle plastic waste that comes with disposable razors. I have had mine in my bathroom now for around a month and there is not a hint of rust or wear on it, and it was super easy to change the blades.

If you opt to use the code SMOOTH, Estrid will donate £1 to the Fawcett Society, the UK's leading charity for gender equality and women's rights, which is pretty darn cool.

You can find Estrid online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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