The Perfect Nude Lip - Huda Beauty Sweet Nudes Power Bullet Cream Glow Lipstick + Huda Beauty Lip Contour 2.0 Lip Pencil

Sunday 30 May 2021

 This post contains gifted items.

Some beauty products really do have super lengthy names nowadays! Haha! But anyway, today I am sharing with you the products you need to get the perfect nude lip, no matter what your skin colouring or preference, using the Huda Beauty Sweet Nudes Power Bullet Cream Glow Cream Lipstick and the Huda Beauty Lip Contour 2.0 Automatic Lip Pencil. (See, I told you there were going to be some long names here!).

All good lip looks need a lip liner to set the base and even out the lip line. The Huda Beauty Lip Contour 2.0 Automatic Lip Pencil* (£17.00 for 0.5g) is available in 12 different shades including reds, nudes, pinks, browns and berries. I have mine in the shade Honey Beige, a stunning warm nude with a hint of spice, and the formula is so pigmented and so creamy, that you could absolutely wear this all over the lips without adding a lipstick or a gloss. The finish is matte, so you can wear the Lip Contour 2.0 with a matte or regular finish lipstick and this lasts all day! Once applied, it locks onto the lips and does not budge, smudge or wear away. I love that the lip liner packaging is the same colour as the lip liner itself, so it is easy to pick out the correct shade when looking in your makeup collection, and there is a mini sharpener at the bottom so you can create a super precise lip line as well as the pencil having a twist up and retractable tip. Years ago, I would never bother with a lip pencil, as I didn't see the point, until I actually used one and realised how much better it looks, as it prevents lipstick from moving about, it helps to even out the natural colour of the lips and helps provide longevity of your lip colour. I actually have quite a naturally uneven lip line, and so I am rarely without a lipliner when applying lipstick now.

I couldn't decide on an exact lip colour, as sometimes I prefer a lighter nude and sometimes I want to wear something a little darker, so I chose two shades of the Huda Beauty Sweet Nudes Power Bullet Cream Glow Cream Lipstick (£22.00 for 3g), both of which work perfectly well with the Honey Beige Lip Contour 2.0. The first shade is the lighter one, Butter Cup, which is actually a soft light pink, but which one me looks more nude. The Sweet Nudes Lipsticks come in a similar packaging to Huda's original lipsticks, with a magnetic closure, so there's going to be zero lipstick spillage in your handbag! I am obsessed with this formula and this shade - it is super nourishing, ultra hydrating and the formula glides effortlessly onto the lips. They give the lips a high-shine finish, medium buildable coverage and because of that shine, your lips look fuller, without the lip fillers! Using this shade with the Honey Beige Lip Liner, has a contrast where my lips look fuller, but without it being too stark of a contrast.

The second shade I chose is Habibi*, which is in the tube a warm, pink-toned shade, but again on my lips, when used with the Honey Beige Lipliner, it creates a deep nude shade. The formula is creamy and buttery, and glides onto the lips effortlessly, but it doesn't feel heavy at all either, which I much prefer with my lip products. When creating the Sweet Nudes Power Bullet Cream Glow Lipsticks, Huda wanted to create all-inclusive shades, and the shades are split up into Sweet Nudes and Bossy Browns, and then there are two to three of each in Light, Medium and Rich, and each lipstick packaging has the colour story and tone it is from, so it is easier to figure out which shade will suit you the best. Butter Cup is a Sweet Nude shade and is in the Light category, and Habibi is also a Sweet Nude and is in the Rich category, so you can really go to town and try out different shades depending on your mood.

You can find Huda Beauty online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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