Taking a Break…

Friday 30 July 2021

I didn’t want to do this, but I have no option other than to take a break from my blog at the moment. 

This week I’ve had a sickness bug allllll week. 

I was supposed to have my 14 month delayed endometriosis surgery next week. They originally told me October time. So I have had to work all hours on my paid job to try and get ahead - I guess that’s the only downside to working for yourself, but I’m 100% not moaning about that. 

However because I’ve had a bug this week my surgery is cancelled for now but I need to continue getting ahead with work  because no doubt they’ll give me short notice again. 

I’ve been waiting for this surgery for 2 years all in all and so that goes above all else. It will take me 5/6 weeks to recover - maybe more or less depending on how bad the surgery has to be on the day. 

I will be back blogging as soon as I can. I apologise to the brands that have sent me beautiful products to try but I was literally given ten days notice for this surgery. Once I have my new date, I’ll have to have a COVID test and then isolate for three days so it really is very time consuming but it is so needed. 

I hope you’ll all be here when I’m back 💙

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