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Tuesday 8 March 2022

 The last blog post I published was on the 30th July 2021. I had paused blogging because I knew I was due to have surgery at anytime and it wasn't fair to the super kind PR companies that send me products to try out and review.

My August surgery got cancelled, just like the original surgery I was supposed to have in May 2020, due to Covid. I eventually went for surgery on September 16th, 2021. It was endometrial surgery that was done via keyhole. The procedure took over 4 hours (normally it takes around 30 minutes for this kind of surgery), because my endometriosis was that bad. My lungs collapsed during surgery and I was left with a clot in my lungs. I woke up to the news that I could no longer have children either.

During my first few days on that ward, I got pretty poorly and at one point my body just shut down completely. It was pretty scary as I couldn't breathe and I felt like I wouldn't be getting out of that hospital. Later, the surgeons informed me that if it hadn't have happened when it did, I wouldn't have gotten out of there. That evening, I was scanned, and it showed that my bowel had been perforated during the first surgery, so I was prepped for open surgery, and had two blood transfusions. 

I awoke in intensive care, and I don't remember much at all about those first few days in there, apart from feeling safe when the chaplain came to visit. I was then transferred to another ward, where I was told I had a stoma and a drain on my abdomen. I refused to even look at my stomach area for a good two weeks in the hospital (I am squeamish even over a plaster!), yet I desperately wanted to go home. I wasn't allowed visitors due to Covid, so for three weeks I didn't see anyone, so I put my big girl pants on and worked with the stoma nurse to figure out how to deal with my stoma.

So many things happened throughout my care at the hospital and even when I returned home, and it was one thing after another I had to keep fighting for. Six months later, and I am still in recovery, it has been tough, but I always try and remember that there is always someone better off and always someone worse off than ourselves in all walks of life. Today, I had my second bowel scan, to see if it has healed, and if so, I will then be able to be referred for a stoma reversal.

My job came to an end in February 2022 and I also very sadly lost my cat, Daisy who was 14 years old, last week. If you remember my very first blog, The Kats Paws, you may remember how much I love my cats. I should technically be sunning it up in Florida right now, but of course that had to be cancelled due to surgery and recovery, so I am trying to do my best and get up in a morning and carry on with the day.

I have still been buying makeup, even though for a good five months I didn't wear any. My love for makeup and skincare will never change! So, I really missed blogging. I missed the opportunity to try out new products, and give my opinions on them, and interact with you guys. So, keep an eye out as I am currently trying some amazing products I was very kindly sent in PR, and will be uploading posts weekly starting very soon!

Thank you all for the well wishes and don't forget you can find me on Instagram and TikTok at kathrynsloves

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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