Pietro Simone Skincare The Fierce Collection Review

Wednesday 4 May 2022

*This post contains gifted items. 

Pietro Simone Skincare was created by the brand's namesake, Pietro Simone, a dynamic young man who knew a fair amount about the beauty industry and along with his insights, research in science and nature, commercial experience and expertise from the luxury beauty and wellness industries, Pietro Simone Skincare was born. Pietro has worked hard to create a comprehensive Skin Theatre suite of luxury products for optimum look-good and feel-good skin. I have been trying out some products from The Fierce Collection and wanted to let you all know my thoughts so far.

First is the Pietro Simone Skincare The Fierce Collection Hydrator in Chief* (£65.00 for 60ml), which comes in a white glass bottle with a push applicator for ease of dispensing the product. If you suffer from dull, lifeless skin and it needs a hydration boost, then this is the product for you! This formula contains a combination of ultra fundamental moisture locking, hydrating, hydra-constituents and anti-oxidant compounds. Meaning, it can re-establish, develop and maximise the skin's vital hydration levels, whilst botanical extracts perform a balancing, refining mission. Hydrator in Chief provides the skin with a long lasting hydration, making the skin feel comfortable and looking its best. Advanced biofermatation stimulates hyaluronic acid neo-synthesis, which means it helps with cell turnover, so that your skin is constantly renewing itself, so therefore you are left with less dry skin cells. An organic activated Actinidia Chinensis Fruit Extract Water delivers high nutritive and protective value keeping the skin healthy and Sage, Rosemary, Oregano and Chamomile botanical extracts boost the cleansing process, infusing it with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-blemish properties. Pietro's signature compound is Italian Bella Complex, and this supports the skin's regeneration process, which again is also ensuring you get maximum cell turnover, and your skin is therefore much smoother, brighter and renewed. You can use Hydrator in Chief as a treatment product and it is recommended to use it twice a week after cleansing. You take 5-6 pumps of the formula on to your fingertips, and press into the skin - on the face, neck and décolleté. Sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. If your skin needs an extra boost, simply leave it on overnight to wake up to beautiful, fresh and bright skin.

I have always suffered from a lot of redness on my skin, and if you do too, or you suffer from rosacea, a wonderful product to try is the Pietro Simone The Fierce Collection The Fierce Infusion* (£65.00 for 60ml). I have tried many redness-reducing products in the past - both skincare and makeup products and whilst some have worked immediately, it has been rare to find one that gives long-lasting results until I tried The Fierce Infusion. This has a visionary, ground-breaking moisturising formula that contains a Skin Delivery System Technology, which delivers powerful bio-compatible ingredients to the skin barrier to rebuild and give skin microbiome optimisation. The way The Fierce Infusion works is that three encapsulated peptides bind in an ultimate drone delivery service to reconstruct, regenerate the NMF, re-densify, protect and rebuild a new structure of epidermal protein. Pretty cool huh?! A 100% stabilised Ascorbic Acid combined with Submicrometric Gold Particles and Glutathione deliver an outstanding performance in fighting environmental damage, free radical scavenger, uneven skin tone and acne. The Fierce Infusion is also great for restoring and nourishing the skin - advanced probiotic compound restores the skin's instinctive defences, regulates the microbiota pathways, soothes skin irritation, strengthens the skin's barrier and significantly improves moisture retention. An active encapsulated delivery system of Curcumin and Pine Bark Extract controls redness and discomfort on a daily basis and reinforces the skin barrier function to help reduce facial flushing and chronic redness, so you are getting not only an instant result but also a long-term result. You can use The Fierce Infusion on a daily basis, either both morning and night, or either morning or night. You take 2-3 pumps of the formula onto your fingertips and press in to the face, neck and décolleté without rinsing away. By using this product, I have noticed that I have had constant redness relief rather than just a quick fix.

The packaging throughout this collection is simply beautiful - glass white jars which look classic on your vanity. The Pietro Simone The Fierce Collection Skin-Alert Unguent* (£65.00 for 50g), is the perfect product for when the weather has been cold or hot, or if your skin is suffering from an imbalance and feels uncomfortable. Skin-Alert Unguent is an ultra-nourishing balm, which is rich in natural oils combined with advanced healing bio-fermented active ingredients, and anti-inflammatory compound that protects, rebalances, soothes and restores the skin, making everything right again. Plant-based unguent composed of Castor, Olive and Karite molecules provide intense nurturing, repairing and soothing properties whilst also acting as a second skin barrier. A bio-fermented Reishi compound accelerates the skin's natural regenerating and healing properties, preventing further imperfections and residual marks, improving the skin's integrity and increasing optimum moisture levels. A leading Saccharide Isomerate compound ensures a deep, methodic, and long-lasting hydration infusion improving comfort and appearance. Macrocarpon extract, which is rich in Proanthocyanidin, performs an intensely diligent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory mission developing a micro-circulation re-activation. Mideka Ximenia Oil supplies abundant monoenoic fatty acids, tocotrienol and lupeol delivering protection and recovery from pollution and environmental stressors meanwhile enhancing the micro-circulatory stimulation. Finally, Pietro's signature compound, Italian Bella Complex, supports the skin's regeneration process. Therefore, you are getting comfortable skin, which is well nourished and protected, but also the skin's regeneration process is taken care of so your skin is brighter and renewed. You can use the Skin-Alert Unguent on both the face and body, both morning and night as you would in place of your regular moisturiser. The formula being a balm, feels super nourishing and melts into the skin effortlessly.

You can find the Pietro Simone The Fierce Collection online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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