The Physician's Formula Bread & Butter Collection Review + Swatches

Tuesday 10 May 2022

 I have been obsessed with Physician's Formula way before it come to the UK, and even now, you still can't get every new release here. So sometimes I order from (not as they do ship to the UK and so I recently ordered the Physician's Formula Bread & Butter Collection and as you can get it shipped here, thought I would share my thoughts on the products.

The Physician's Formula Bread & Butter Collection costs $33.16 (at the time I purchased it) and I paid $8.05 shipping and $5.24 tax, which works out at $46.45 or around £35.00. Shipping normally takes 5-7 days, which for America I find pretty great! The Bread & Butter Collection comes in a presentation box and inside you receive seven full sized products - the Bread & Butter Bronzer in the shades Toasty and Baked, the Let's Toast Highlighter in Champagne, the Strawberry Jam Blush in Strawberry and then three Watermelon Sugar Lip Glosses which don't have shade names for some reason.

As soon as you open this box up it smells incredible and it is such good value! The Bread & Butter Bronzers do smell a little like bread when you open them up, and they are embossed with a loaf pattern on the top. Underneath the bronzer you do get a mirror and a brush for on-the-go application. The formula is buttery soft, and does have a slight glow to it. Baked is the lighter option and Toasty is the warmer option, but I quite like that you get both as then you have one for Autumn/Winter and one for Spring/Summer. I have used a lot of different Physician's Formula bronzers and they never let me down, they are one of my must-have makeup products.

The Let's Toast Highlighter has two champagne flutes embossed into the powder itself, and again, a mirror and a brush underneath. The highlighter is a warm champagne shade and this is one glowing highlighter! It is full to the brim of shimmer, but no glitter, so you just get that stunning radiance from it and just like the bronzers, the formula is so silky soft and buttery smooth, melting into the skin for a natural finish. You will also notice a slight champagne scent when you open the compact.

The cutest blush is also a little disappointing, but not due to wearability. The Strawberry Jam blush is emblazoned with the sweetest little strawberries, but unfortunately this does rub off as soon as you start to use the product. Smelling of strawberry rock that you get at the seaside, this blush also has a mirror and blush underneath. On the skin, this blush is the perfect pop of pink that will suit the majority of complexions and once again, sorry to be a bore, but the formula is perfection and a little goes a long way. I just wish we got to keep the cute strawberries.

Last but not least, you get the three Watermelon Sugar Lip Glosses in those three unnamed shades. The lids have sweet watermelon detail and each one smells of that delicious fake watermelon scent you can only find in America (it is genuinely my favourite). The applicator is a brush applicator, and these lip glosses add colour and so much gloss to the lips. You receive a warm nude, a coral red and a warm-toned pink and they are not at all sticky or gloopy and feel very nourishing on the lips. The pink one is my favourite, I will call that one Unnamed Shade 1 haha!

Unfortunately at the time of writing this post, I cannot find the Collection online at Amazon, but check out this link here and keep an eye out.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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