Where I've Been and Why I'm Back... Surgeries, Cats, ADHD, Orlando and Taylor Swift

Saturday 13 January 2024

 Well, it has been a while. Over 18 months to be exact. In September 2021, I went into hospital for my fourth endometriosis surgery, which I spoke about here. Even when writing that post, I didn't know just how poorly I had been and what a long journey it will and is continuing to be to get back to good health. In July 2022, I had my stoma reversal surgery, which seemed to go well at the time. But unfortunately I had issues afterwards and I still have those problems today, so it has made life pretty tough. The mental effect the 2021 surgeries had on me, is something I am still dealing with today and last week I had my first appointment with the mental health team as I was diagnosed with complex trauma.

Me December 2022

So it has been two and a half years since that surgery, where they didn't realise until five days later they had perforated my bowel, and I still haven't began working again, which has also had a negative affect on my mental health as it gets quite lonely being home so much on your own. A few things happened in the past 18 months, I got a new cat called Ruby, and my goodness she was the naughtiest kitten I ever owned, but my goodness she is the sweetest and she gives me so much love which I am beyond grateful for.

The Day We Got Ruby

February 2023 I was diagnosed with ADHD - even as a little kid I always felt different and I won't go into it all, but I realised when I was strolling TikTok whilst in recovery from the various surgeries, and videos kept coming up and I resonated with them like I have never resonated with anything so much in my life. So I had an assessment and got a diagnosis. It hasn't been easy - I have tried a couple of different medications which has been a trial in itself and you go through a period of loss for what could have been if you had gotten an earlier diagnosis. I also have an assessment for Autism this week, which was recommended to be done by the ADHD doctor.

My Orlando Family (Friends) March 2023

I was lucky enough to have a three week holiday to Orlando in March 2023 - it was my first trip since December 2019 due to Covid and surgeries. I had the best time and it was amazing to see my friends again. I did end up going in December 2023 for two weeks, and it wasn't all that great unfortunately - the weather was cold - 13 degrees, which is unusual for Orlando. Plus, I got sick, and I am pretty sure I had Covid. But, I got to see my friends again and I don't want to sound ungrateful, I know I am super lucky to be able to go twice in one year. Plus, on the way home I was sat next to a childhood favourite in upper class, Manchester United player Phil Neville. 

I also got to visit Kiawah Island in December 2023 and we had a house on the beach. I felt very special.

Magic Kingdom December 2023

The first things I picked up as soon as I arrived in Orlando December 2023

2023 was the year I discovered Taylor Swift - yes I know she has been around a long time, but until I saw The Eras Tour at the cinema, I was never truly introduced to her, and wow! What an amazing, hard working and talented lady she is, so I am thankful for her, and her wonderful music.

My second visit to watch The Eras Tour, my third was in Orlando in December

I started 2024 hopeful, as I am having bereavement counselling (for my Mum) next week, I have my ASD assessment next week, and I am seeing a mental health team for the various traumas I have suffered throughout my life. I am awaiting a colonoscopy to see what they can do with regards to my bowel, and I am back on a waiting list to see the gynae team as my endometriosis is starting to get bad again. One thing that kept me going over the years, when I had bad endometriosis, and couldn't go places with friends, was blogging, and I have really missed it these past 18 months. I have still been buying ALL of the makeup and skincare, and I still get around 500 website views a day, even though I haven't posted in so long. I have hit 1.3million views which is wild to me, and I am so thankful to everyone that reads, or interacts with my website or social media accounts.

Ruby recently. She just HAS to be near me at all times.

I am 40 in March this year, and times have changed when it comes to social media. Last week I bought a book called Making TikTok Videos for Dummies I kid you not. I have created all new social media accounts - Instagram and TikTok is makeup.kathrynsloves and I hope to be able to create some product videos on there whilst also continuing to write blog posts. My first post is going to be the Lip Products Taylor Swift Wears on the Eras Tour, so I will have that up as soon as possible. I have had to buy new backgrounds, new lighting etc etc as I got rid of everything whilst having a huge clearout.

Me December 2023. No makeup, no filter, dressing gown. Can you get any less glam?!

Thank you for continuing to support me, even whilst I haven't been around.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx


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