The Gucci Plumping, Smoothing & Moisturising Lip Gloss 118 Suzanne Brown Review + Swatches

Friday 9 February 2024

I am a sucker for luxury makeup, and so I just had to order the newly released Gucci Plumping, Smoothing & Moisturising Lip Gloss, of which I have seen a lot of negative and mediocre reviews, but as I say time and time again, what works for one person, might not work for another and vice versa, so I like to try things for myself as a whole.

There are five shades of the Gucci Plumping, Smoothing & Moisturising Lip Gloss available, including a clear, a coral orange, a darker orange (not sure why two orange shades out of five, or at least that is what the colours look like on the Gucci website), a a pretty, bold pink and the one I have here, 118 Suzanne Brown, which I chose because I wanted something different to what I have already. I find brown glosses quite flattering on my skin tone so I was excited to see what this one would look like.

I ordered mine direct from Gucci, as you get free shipping and luxurious packaging. My Lip Gloss came in a small, long pouch and then I also received a small Gucci cotton bag with my order, which you wouldn't get ordering from elsewhere. The Gloss comes in the Gucci standard pale pink and black cardboard packaging and the tube itself is something really special in my opinion. The cap is gold and luxe, and then the tube is decorated with gold stars - Gucci always find a way to decorate their beauty items in a special way.

The Gucci Lip Glosses retail for £33.00 for 6.5ml, so obviously a luxury purchase compared to most other brands on the market, but by no means the most expensive. The wand has a slanted, precise and narrow sponge applicator which makes it easy to apply to even fine lips like mine. I didn't read people's negative reviews on these glosses, I just knew from the title of the TikTok video, or social media post that their thoughts were negative, but I really don't personally see anything negative about these glosses. As someone with AuDHD, I often have heightened sensory issues, but the light floral scent doesn't bother me as I cannot smell it on my lips, and I find the formula great as it is lightweight, not sticky or gloopy and the brown shade is sheer, but still adds colour to my lips.

The formula uses Ginger Roots and Capsicum Extracts to keep the lips hydrated along with Hyaluronic Acid to keep moisture locked in for up to 8 hours. This is a plumping gloss, as it says in the name, so it does contain Menthol, which gives a slight, warm, tingling sensation for a minute if that, but certainly nothing uncomfortable to painful like some of the lip plumpers on the market. Reflective Polymers help to blur the lip lines, so if you have more mature skin, this Gloss will help to smooth out your lips. I have naturally fine lips and I like how this makes me lips feel smoother, and therefore plumper to give me a little boost without any pain or redness.

I really like this gloss - I like the formula, the packaging, the colour and the results and so for me, I would absolutely buy another shade from the collection - the 414 Virginia Fuchsia looks pretty - and this is another example of how a product works for some people and not for others. You can find the Gucci Plumping, Smoothing & Moisturising Lip Gloss online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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