The Too Faced Better Than Sex Doll Lashes Mascara Review

Monday 5 February 2024

 I have gone through countless tubes of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara over the years, because it truly is one of the best mascaras on the market, and so I was super curious when I saw the recent release of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Doll Lashes Mascara - what are going to be the differences?

Firstly, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Doll Lashes Mascara retails for £29.00 for 8.9ml, whereas the original is £28.00 for 8ml, so basically not really much of a difference. Packaging wise, they both come in that weight, matte, metal pink tube, although I think this one is slighty darker pink. Hold the excitement. The original is a volumising mascara, and the new one is an extreme curling and lengthening mascara, so that's the main difference. The wand has a traditional bristle brush but with a curve to it, rather than the hourglass shape of the original mascara.

I had really high hopes for this Mascara, because the original is so excellent, but right from the start, the formula feels very dry, and so you need to do a lot of work, and apply many coats to get anywhere. I did find that it lengthened my lashes, and it does slightly lift them, but I can get that much easier and cheaper from other mascaras. Maybe it will be one of those mascaras that gets better once you have opened it a few times, but I am not so sure due to it having such a dry formula.

Too Faced state that the Mascara creates a false lash effect, but in my first few times of trying it, I didn't get anywhere near to that. However, it has a warm water washable formula, and that worked for me, as then you're not tugging or pulling at the delicate eye area. I didn't find any smudging or budging happened throughout the day and it did stay on my lashes really well. I do feel a little disappointed, because when you are paying £29.00 for a mascara, when there are SO many brands and products out there these days, it is a let down when it doesn't do what it says. Too Faced claim that the volume, length and curl last for 24 hours, but I can't comment on this as I never leave makeup on that long, and I couldn't get much volume or curl out of it the 3-4 times I tried it.

I will continue to try this Mascara, in the hope that it gets better with time, and if so, I will be sure to come back and edit this post, but in the meantime, I would highly recommend the original Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which you can find here, which is also available in brown. You can find the Too Faced Better Than Sex Doll Lashes Mascara online here. It is always worth me stating, that when it comes to makeup and skincare, what works or doesn't work for me, may have the opposite effect for you.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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