QVC TSV: SBC Summer Skin Sensation

Tuesday 14 May 2019

It doesn't seem two minutes since the last SBC TSV collection aired on QVC, but here we are again, and you are not going to want to miss this one, as it has a strong Summer feel to it and I am already obsessed! Before we get into the products, it is important to stress that this collection is out TOMORROW, Wednesday 15th May, so be sure to check it out over on QVC UK.
There are two parts to the SBC Summer Skin Sensation collection, we have the Refreshing Watermelon and the Coconut & Plumeria, and we will start with the Watermelon. This is a special edition scent which captures Summer perfectly and quenches the skin with these refreshing, cooling and lightweight formulas. The collection is enriched with Watermelon to hydrate and revitalise the skin and hair, with a fresh and fruity fragrance that uplifts. The first product you receive is the SBC Refreshing Watermelon Skincare Gel, and because these products are brand new and exclusive I don't have an RRP for these unfortunately but if we were to go from another scent, this would normally work out at £18.00 for the 250ml bottle. The SBC Signature Gel has a new Summer twist and this energising gel moisturiser hydrates the skin amazingly well. It is super lightweight and absorbs into the skin instantly, so there is no waiting around for products to dry before getting dressed. Although, this isn't just for the body, and it can also be used on the face as a moisturiser, primer or mask - gotta love a multi-use product! The watermelon fragrance reminds me of a watermelon-flavoured Jolly Rancher sweet and oh my goodness it is incredible. The SBC Skincare Gels are suitable for the entire family and all skin types, so something like this would be great for taking on holiday with you.
The star of the show is definitely the SBC Refreshing Watermelon Shower Gel & Shampoo which comes in a whopping 1000ml bottle, which is often only available at QVC. The 500ml bottle retails for £21.00 and so if you were to buy two, it would cost £42.00. The SBC Shower Gel & Shampoo is again suitable for the entire family and for all skin types, and of course you get both a shower gel and a shampoo in just the one bottle. The Refreshing Watermelon fragrance starts with a refreshing splash of strawberry, grapefruit and watermelon. Mouth-watering mango and redcurrant lead you to the delicate floral contrast of cyclamen, lily of the valley and jasmine. Sweet notes of caramel, soft peach and sandalwood complete this delicious blend. Let's face it, this bottle could definitely last you the entire Summer due to the size of it. You also receive a pump applicator to pop into the bottle so that it is super easy to dispense the product when you are in the bath or shower.
Moving on to the other two products in the TSV, which are both from the Coconut & Plumeria Collection, a luxurious and exotic fragrance that nourishes and moisturises the skin. The coconut oil and fragrance plumeria reminds me of a gorgeous Summer day and I love the products that SBC have included for the TSV collection. The first is the SBC Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel of which you get a 500ml bottle which retails for £30.00. I think including a shimmer gel in this Summer collection is perfect timing, as who doesn't want skincare that adds a glow to the skin, and even better, a glow to your tan? This isn't going to give you disco skin, but it does include Mica which is light-reflecting to give the skin a healthy glow. It has an easy-to-use pump dispenser and so you will be able to get very last drop of product out and so this is going to last you quite a long time. Just like the Watermelon Skincare Gel, it is a lightweight consistency and hydrates the skin, which is great if you have been out in the sun all day and need to moisturise the skin.
The final inclusion in the Summer Skin Sensation collection is the Coconut & Plumeria Shower Melt, which also comes in a large 500ml bottle and has a retail price of £21.00. Compared to the Shower Gel, the Shower Melt is a little more creamy and I find it very comforting on my dry skin as it feels a little like silk on the skin. The Coconut & Plumeria fragrance boasts a gorgeous exotic Coconut vibe to it with a delicate creamt air, refreshingly intertwined with sweet lemon groves, lavender and plumeria blossom. The fragrance also has a little warmth to it with sweet and spicy cardamom and sensual vanilla musk so it is going to suit most noses. Shower Melt is infused with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to restore moisture and deeply hydrate and soothe the skin and when I use this in the bath or shower, my skin feels so much healthier and it rids my skin of any dryness. 
Altogether, the SBC Summer Skin Sensation collection is worth £111.00, but the price will be incredible tomorrow on QVC for one day only. Head over to QVC here. The item number is 239022.
All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains items which were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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