Sunday, 11 August 2019

Summer Smiggle Stationery Haul

I love stationery almost as much as I love makeup, and Smiggle are the stationery Kings and Queens, with a large range of fun stationery to suit all tastes and ages. Smiggle very kindly sent me a few items from their latest releases so that I can show you all what's new.
Firstly, we have this Bright Metallic Ruler, which is also available in four other colours. It is lightweight, and made from metal so that it will 99.99% never break, and due to it having a thicker side and a super sharp side, it is easy to pick up and create the straightest lines possible. This is a 15cm ruler, and costs £3.00.
When I was a kid, I used to love anything that changed colour, and so these Colour Change Pencils are such a sweet trip down memory lane. You get five pencils inside, a dark blue, light blue, pink, purple and green, and each one has an eraser on the top. Once you hold the pencil in your hand, the warmth from your fingers changes the colour of the pencil, and seen as there are five, you could even be really kind and share them with your friends.
The big Daddy of this haul has to be the Scented Gel Pens Mix Pack, which contains 30 different coloured and textured gel pens, all neat and secure in a clippable plastic case. Inside you will find  neon pens, 6 pastel pens, 6 colour pens and 12 glitter pens. I always think these sorts of pens are great for all year round, whether you want to add a touch of colour to a birthday card, or a hint of metallic and glitter to a Christmas present tag.
Finally, Smiggle have released a brand new Smiglets range, which is slightly similar to the likes of Shopkins etc, where you get a mystery bag containing one mystery figure. There are different styles, including Hangry Heroes, and Party Mix and they retail at £3.00 each. I received a mummified Gingerbread man in my Hangry Heroes pouch and a cute little pizza figure in my Party Mix bag. They both have holes underneath too so that you can pop them on the end of a pencil or simply display them.
You can find these delights and more over at Smiggle here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*This post contains items which were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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