The Perfect Autumn Nails Featuring Leighton Denny

Monday 21 October 2019

Leighton Denny is one of the best nail care brands in the business, offering a vast array of nail treatments as well as endless nail polish shades. Their most recent collection is the Leighton Denny Walk-In-Wardrobe range, which has been designed to complement the latest fashion trends, and features sophisticated shades that have been directly picked to link clothing and colour.
There are six shades available in the Walk-In-Wardrobe collection including;
Fedora - A rich, warm muted purple which will make any winter ensemble pop.
Trench Coat - A nude to flatter all skin tones. The timeless Trench Coat is easy to wear, especially with brown tones ranging from latte coffee to bitter chocolate.
Cashmere Sweater - Feel effortlessly cool with this luxurious pale grey. A staple Autumn/Winter colour, comfortable beside any grey, warm blues and darker tones.
Kinky Boots - Inject a mysterious swirling splash of exotic colour. Bring life to wintry shades from slate greys and blacks to the deepest greens and blues.
Smoking Jacket - Add textural shimmer with this almost 3D depth of colour. A twist on wintry red, this berry shade adds a smoking flare to any outfit.
Clutch Bag - An out of the ordinary gold, Clutch Bag is multi-tonal with hints of copper, warm gold and rose gold to complement all Autumn/Winter looks.
The nail polishes retail at £12.00 each and you receive 12ml of product. I opted for the shade Trench Coat, which is a warmer take on a traditional nude, as I felt this would go with pretty much any colour palette and any occasion. 
My cuticles hate cold weather as much as I do, and they are often very brittle and tear very easily, which can be pretty painful. Therefore, I have been using the Leighton Denny Slick Tips Hydrating Cuticle Oil (£12.00) to keep them much healthier and stronger. Slick Tips comes in a traditional nail polish style bottle, with a brush applicator, making it super quick and easy to apply the oil to your cuticles. I love that it has a brush applicator as it is a lot less messy than other cuticle oils I have previously tried and it smells deliciously like lemon drops.
This duo has been my go-to lately, and my nails feel so much healthier and I always think they look so much better when they have nail polish on them. You can find Leighton Denny online here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items have been gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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