Revolution Colour Book Shadow Palettes Review + Swatches

Monday 10 February 2020

Revolution recently released the Revolution Colour Book Shadow Palettes. There are five of them, and each one has a different colour story. The palettes themselves open up like a book, with shadows on either side, and then a plastic partition to keep the shadows apart. Each palette contains a whopping 48 eyeshadows, and includes 24 matte shadows on one side, and then 24 shimmers and metallics on the other.
As there are so many shadows, I haven't done swatches for every single shade as there is a total of 240 eyeshadows! However, I have included five swatches from each palette to give you an idea of how they look on the skin, including some mattes and some shimmers from each palette.

The Revolution Colour Book CB 01 Shadow Palette is where you are going to find a spectrum of grey shades, whether that be very light colours, medium greys all the way through to practically black. If you love a smoky eye, then this is the one for you!
The Revolution Colour Book CB 02 Shadow Palette is your more neutral and brown shades. You will find creams, skin-tone shades, peaches, terracottas, burgundies, rusts and dark browns. The mattes are stunning, and you will be able to create so many looks using this palette, and of course the shimmers are gorgeous too, especially for blue eyes.
The Revolution Colour Book CB 03 Shadow Palette is a warm-toned palette, featuring peaches, yellows, oranges, burgundies, a few pinks, and lots of gorgeous reds. Yellow and red eye shadows can be pretty hard to create correctly, yet these have amazing pigment and give excellent coverage. This one will be my Summer palette for sure.
The Revolution Colour Book CB 04 Shadow Palette is one of the prettiest palettes in my opinion, as it has so many beautiful pinks and purples, with all the lilacs and soft pinks in-between. The shimmer side of the palette also includes some shades with delicate iridescent glitter and I am obsessed with it! I love how you get both matte and shimmers in these palettes, as you can layer them or you can create something completely unique.
The Revolution Colour Book CB 05 Shadow Palette reminds me of the land and sea, with its green and blue-toned shadows. There are some bright shades, some bold shades and some pretty pastels too. This is another of my favourites from the collection as the colours are so unique to any other palette I have come across before.
The Revolution Colour Book Shadow Palettes retail for just £15.00 each, which makes each eye shadow around 30p! Bargainous! You can find them online at Revolution here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

*These items were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own

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