The Kaleidos The Escape Pod Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Wednesday 17 March 2021

 I had seen the makeup brand Kaleidos on quite a few of my favourite American YouTuber's videos and I was SO impressed with the packaging, the products themselves and how they seemed to work for the person using them online. Kaleidos does ship to the UK, and all shipping and customs are calculated and paid for at the time of ordering, so there are no nasty surprises.

The first product I wanted to try from the brand is the Kaleidos The Escape Pod Eyeshadow Palette, which retails for $42.00, which at the time of writing this post works out at about £30.00, so not at all bad for such a high quality palette. The packaging is on another level - you receive the outer carton which is well-themed, and then the palette itself is chunky, without being too large, and has gorgeous textures and colours designed all over it. There is a mirror on the inside of the lid and then the fifteen eyeshadows below.

I love how even though this is a more 'out there' colour story, it still includes neutrals, and has its own story to tell with how the shades are presented. There are nine bold and neutral matte eyeshadows and six amazingly vibrant duochrome shimmer shadows. Right off the bat, these were one-swipe shadows, even the mattes, and considering the shades they are and how pigmented the colours are, I was in awe, as it takes a lot to get a good quality shadow in some of these shades.

The top row features ultra-pigmented, colourful mattes and the shades are:
* Soiree - Fresh Lavender Matte
* Mardi Gras - Rich Violet Matte
* Flamingo - Neon Hot Pink Matte
* Exoplanet - Bright Indigo/Purple Matte

The middle row hosts multi-chrome and shimmer shades, with the colours:
* Starlight Sonata - Champagne Shimmer
* Amaretto - Rose Gold Sparkling Duochrome with a Fuchsia and Champagne Pink Shift
* Space Oasis - Rosy Lavender Sparkling Duochrome with a Cobalt Blue Shift
* Cosmic Cabaret - Deep Purple Metallic
* Galactic Gala - Cool-Tone Green Sparkling Duochrome

Finally, the bottom row consists of mainly earthy tones and contour shades, but with a duochrome popped in there too, and the shades are:
* Saturnalia - Deep Golden-Olive Sparkling Duochrome
* Bossa Nova - Brown Taupe Matte
* LoFi - Creamy Marzipan Matte
* Carnival - Watermelon Red Neon Orange Matte
* Terrace - Coffee Brown Matte

So many bold, vivacious palettes these days don't include those all-important neutral transition shades, and so it is so refreshing to see that Kaleidos really think about the products they are creating. I am obsessed with each and every shimmer and duochrome in here - they are so quick and easy to apply for a one-swipe-swatch situation if I am in a hurry, but they also transform other shadows too. I really do love this palette, and there really is a shade in here for every occasion, with the mattes being creamy and soft, making them super blendable, but also pigmented so you don't see any of that colour disappear. Now, I want to try everything from Kaleidos! There is also a new eyeshadow palette available, The Club Nebula Palette, but unfortunately at the time of ordering this palette and the time of writing this post, it is out of stock.

You can find the Kaleidos The Escape Pod Eyeshadow Palette online at Kaleidos here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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