Trying COSRX Skincare Products - Review

Tuesday 11 May 2021

 This post contains gifted items.

COSRX is a K-Beauty brand that has eight product lines for different skincare types and conditions. They help individuals to find solutions according to their personal skin conditions and as someone who has been struggling with their skin lately, I was super excited to try out some products from the brand.

The first product I have been trying is the COSRX Green Hero Calming Pads* (£24.99 for 70 pads), which come in a tub and contain super quick and easy to use singular cotton pads. These pads are soaked in a gentle toner that contains a plant-driven green-rx complex essence that helps to bring relief to sensitive skin. I don't know if it has been the weather, or my hormones (I have severe endometriosis that often plays havoc with my skin), but I have found a lot of my usual skincare products too harsh lately and these have such a cooling, soothing effect on my skin that it helps it to feel less irritable and much more comfortable, whilst also helping to treat it. Key ingredients include Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water to remove inflammation, Centella Asiatica Extract to help recover skin from damage and sensitivity, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract to give an antibacterial effect and Artemisia Princeps Extract to calm the skin and restore its balance. The COSRX Green Hero Calming Pads are vegan and as I mentioned they are so quick and easy to use - you simply take one of the toner-soaked pads and gently sweep it across the skin and neck both morning and night after cleansing and before using a serum and moisturiser.

Something else my forever-hormonal skin has presented me with recently are spots! I barely got spots as a teenager, never mind as a 37 year old! I personally think spots can have a real knock on your confidence, and in the past year I haven't been wearing as much makeup as we haven't been able to go anywhere, and actually enjoyed being makeup free some days, but when I have a spot or three, it makes me want to apply makeup and cover them up. The COSRX AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream* (£24.90 for 30g) has been a lifesaver in my skincare routine lately. The product comes in a squeezy tube with a narrow tip, so you can apply a small amount at a time directly onto the spot itself. The AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream is an intensive spot treatment that helps to soothe and reduce blemishes on the skin. It is formulated with Zinc Oxide and Calamine to absorb excess sebum and eliminate breakouts along with Aloe Vera Leaf Water to calm and replenish hydration to acne-prone skin. It has a nice lightweight texture to it, and all you need to do is apply a thick layer directly onto the spot and let it works its magic - I prefer to apply it on a night time before bed as that is when our skin is most active with skincare products.

You can find COSRX online at Feel Unique here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn xxx

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