The Too Faced Kissing Jelly Gloss Juicy Lip Oil Review + Swatches - Grape Soda + Sweet Cotton Candy

Wednesday 6 March 2024

 I cannot keep up with the amount of lip product releases lately - it is wild! Every man and his dog is releasing new lip products, especially lip oils, but as a long-standing Too Faced fan, I had to try their take on the lip oil - the Too Faced Kissing Jelly Gloss Juicy Lip Oil.

The Too Faced Kissing Jelly Gloss Juicy Lip Oils retail for £21.00 for 4.5ml, so definitely up there in price, but certainly not the most expensive on the market. There are six fun shades to choose from - Bubblegum, a glittery pink, Grape Soda, a glittery mauve, Pina Colada, a shimmery yellow, Raspberry, a glittery magenta, Sour Watermelon, a glittery red, and Sweet Cotton Candy, a clear blue shade. And yes, they do smell like their names, which is why I chose Grape Soda and Sweet Cotton Candy, as I love those scents, as they remind me of America. Although, it is worth me mentioning that the fragrance isn't overpowering.

The Lip Oils come in clear bottles with bubblegum pink lids and I love the slanted sponge applicators as they are larger than a lip gloss, but not as big as the Dior Lip Oil applicators, which is a little better for us fine-lipped girls. Even though some of the Lip Oils contain glitter particles, you can in no way, shape or form feel them on the lips, and as someone who is uber sensitive to things like that (AuDHD), I am super happy about that. I love things with shimmer or glitter, especially lip products as they can help thinner lips look more fuller. 

The formula is not at all sticky or gloopy, slightly oily, but that is because these are lip oils, so that's a given. The PETA-approved and Vegan formula is free of silicone and gluten and includes Sunflower Seed Oil to soften the lips, so you get that instant hit of juiciness and shine, but then with consistent wear, your lips will also be in better condition. I love how smoothing these are on the lips, so if you suffer from fine lines, these are going to help you with that. Even though they have a hint of colour, don't worry if you are wanting Sweet Cotton Candy - it won't turn your lips blue! I have loved Too Faced for years, they were such an innovative brand with excellent products and pretty packaging, but they did go kind of quiet for a while, so it is great to see them releasing new products that are a win.

Top: Sweet Cotton Candy, Bottom: Grape Soda

You can find the Too Faced Kissing Jelly Gloss Juicy Lip Oils online at Too Faced here or Sephora UK here.

All the Loves,
Kathryn x

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